Vehicle Tracking System


Vehicle Tracking System:

Time and cost are two important factors which play really important role in the success or failure of any Logistics company, whether the organization is large or small, on time delivery in least possible cost are highly appreciated and beneficial for the long run of the organization where supply chain or logistics act as back bone of the company. Logistics/ Fleet Vehicle Tracking technology is more than just a system that helps drivers to drive from one location to another, It acts an important factor in the growth of the organization.
Due to which Vehicle tracking is really important to the organization. To help out customers in their Tracking needs, we at Track Your Sawari have customized plan and highly advance Vehicle tracking system available with us.

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GPS Tracking for Logistics Industry

The very basic use of any GPS device is to share vehicle’s Live location, Which is also an very important feature to organizations that use a fleet of vehicles to meet their supply chain and transportation needs of business. Being in control of vehicles on the go is an important thing if one wants to be successful in their business.

Vehicle tracking system provides important updates related to fleet management like if the vehicle has completed the deliveries assigned to it, the time of competition of the deliveries or the estimated time of deliveries, the current location, current speed, etc. While using our GPS tracking system for logistics industry Fleet owners/ admins are updated on the movement of the vehicles at any point of time. Users know if the vehicles are traveling on the safe routes or if they are taking an wrong or unsafe routes to reach their destinations. If they driver is steeling fuel or anything from the cargo on the way, In case the vehicle gets stolen the Fleet owners/ admins can also track the location of their vehicles and power off the vehicle from their Mobile or Web Applications.

Incomparable Efficiency

The most wonderful thing about the vehicle tracking system is that the location and other vehicle related data is generated automatically as per the details shared by the GPS devices and other sensors installed in the vehicles and chances of human error are hardly present in it. It helps in saving on paper cost, since the entire data is available on the go on our cloud server, which is accessible by the user from anywhere and from any device. This further helps management to save on cost and time related to maintain data and using GPS tracking system and users don’t have to relay on information provided by drivers.

Customer Service

One of the important thing for any business success is their customer satisfaction. Logistics/ Fleet vehicle tracking system can help supply chain business companies to make on time deliveries and also keep thing open with their customers. By sharing the location updates user help their customers know the exact locations of their goods, which further saves on manpower cost to assist customers on their location data

User are aware of their vehicle information like where there vehicles are for now, the route that they are taking to reach the destination, their estimated time to reach the destination, their current speed. If the driver takes any unplanned routes, or if there is any case of emergency, the admin is notified and the help reaches to the driver immediately. This saves users or drivers to get into unfavorable situations and using these updates the estimated time of arrival can be updated.