Asset Tracking

End to end asset tracking with Track Your Sawari. Get informed about the real-time location, Position and situation of your assets. Where is your asset and when will it reach it's destination, All this information is available on the go with Track Your Sawari Mobile Application. Now stay virtually connected with your assets and secure them with our GPS devices and Mobile Application equipped with features like live camera, temperature sensor, fuel monitoring and geo-fencing. Choose nothing but the best.


Mining Asset Tracking

Do advance tracking of your mining vehicles. Let your vehciles do business at remote locations like at mountain areas or sea-coasts, track them at any time from anywhere with the advanced GPS and Mobile Application tracking solutions for your mining vehicles.


School bus monitoring

In India, On daily basis approx. 45000 school buses are used by schools to pick and drop around 2 million kids from home and school. For the parents of school going kids, School buses are the most trusted mode of transport and so at Track Your Sawari, We always try our best to keep this trust alive. We are focused on total safety and security of children, This is the reason why Track Your Sawari is becoming first choice of school managements to track their school vehicles.

We focus at:

  • Real Time Bus Monitoring- Our Mobile App as well as desktop dashboard is compatible with live monitoring of School Buses. This feature is really helpful to provide backup and support at unfavourable conditions like tyre puncture, breakdown or diversion of any pre scheduled route or over speeding.

  • Geo-Fencing for School Bus- For every school bus there is a predefined route, In event of any unusual activity or to prevent traffic if any school bus driver takes any other direction or road, immediately management will get a notification.

  • Trip Reports- There are incidents like driver is driving rashly or steeling fuel, to keep a track of such activities, There are reports avaialble which provide detailed information about the trip, When and how driver was driving and lots more.


Logistics/ Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Now you can sit back and relax because with Track Your Sawari GPS devices and Mobile Application you can virtually stay connected with your fleet vehicles and let them make money for you. Get the live and accurate data of your fleet vehicles and assets at any time on your finger tips. We have overall security features and safety measures available for your vehicles.


Employee Tracking System

On-Field Employee Tracking
For any Organization monitoring field employees has always been a challenge. Employers have been seeking and testing options to track their employees. To assist employers in tracking their employees we have solutions available to cater all their needs, We are well equipped with both hardware and software solutions to help our users to know the exact locations of their employees.


Intelligent Mobility Solution

With the intelligent Mobility Solutions for the business owners now you can join hands with any number of cab owners, cab vendors and drivers. With the advanced GPS tracking solutions available with us let your business run without any hassle.


Smart Transportation System

At Track Your Sawari we are focused on the future generation of the transport system, Track Your Sawari is capable of the Smart Transportation System. Let your vehicles run with GPS trackers, CCTV camera, and sensors of your choice and get live and customized reports on the go.


Family & Pet Monitoring System

At anytime monitor your family members, loved ones and pets and know about their live locations.

Parenting is not an easy task. Responsibility increases day by day when your child gets older. There are situations when you can't be with your family members and you get tensed when you can not connect with them, At such times our GPS devices and mobile application can be a life saver. It becomes essential because we do not want our family members and loved ones in any unwanted situation.
Along with basic GPS devices which share live locations of anyone that you want to track we have GPS devices which support RFID, One way and two way calling functionalities. Our Mobile Applications are equipped with emergency buttons and in event of some mishappening users can communicate with their family members.
So, basically with Track Your Sawari, your family are more safe and secure now.