School Bus Tracking System

School Bus Tracking System

In India, on daily basis approx. 45000 school buses are used by schools to pick and drop around 2 million kids from home and school. For the parents of school going kids, School buses are the most trusted mode of transport and so at Track Your Sawari, We always try our best to keep this trust alive. We are focused on total safety and security of children; this is the reason why Track Your Sawari is becoming first choice of school managements to track their school vehicles. Our School bus tracking system provides a fast and secure method to track the live location of all your school vehicles that are used for transportation of students to and from the school. Each of the school bus is fitted with a GPS tracking device which allows school management to monitor location of all vehicles from their web and mobile applications. School can form groups of students for each vehicle. Parents of each student can track the live location of their kid’s vehicle in their mobile apps on the go. We have solutions for RFID based attendance and video camera integration for live video updates which are integrated with the GPS device installed in the school vehicles.
School Bus tracking system

Some of the important features of our School bus tracking system

1. Real Time Bus Monitoring

Our Mobile App as well as desktop dashboard is compatible with live monitoring of School Buses. This feature is really helpful to provide backup and support at unfavorable conditions like tyre puncture, breakdown or diversion of any pre scheduled route or over speeding.

2. Geo-Fencing for School Bus

For every school bus there is a predefined route, in event of any unusual activity or to prevent traffic if any school bus driver takes any other direction or road, immediately management will get a notification.

3. Trip Reports

There are incidents like driver is driving rashly or steeling fuel, to keep a track of such activities, There are reports available which provide detailed information about the trip, When and how driver was driving and lots more.

4. Messages from Web and Mobile Application

School management and bus operators can send messages and push notifications directly to the parents through our mobile and web applications. This is really helpful to the school while they want to update parents/ guardians of the possible delays on the routes for pick up and drop of the students or any other important information.

5. Instant notifications

Our School bus tracking system has Mobile and Web Applications well designed to share instant updates of the school bus movement and any other information like live image, emergency button pressed or other updates, if the school has subscribed to these services. School management, School bus operators and Parents are immediately updated and notified instantly of any delays, These updates are really helpful for School management, School bus operators and Parents to tackle any kind of emergency situation. Drivers have easy access to emergency buttons to update school management and School bus supervisors in event of any kind of emergency situation.

6. Data security

Even through the School management, school bus supervisors and parents can track the school vehicles through our school bus tracking system, but we keep the details of the students and other parents tracking the school buses confidential, which is really important feature and it helps in maintaining confidential information safe, Only school management has the right to view the information.

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