Pet Tracking System

Pet Tracking System

Like family members pets are important part of the family, we feel the same pain if something happens to them as we are in pain if something happens to us. There could be a situation when the pet is stolen or looses its way due to any reason, at such times Track Your Sawari’s Petloc device can be a life saver for the pets and their owners. With easy to use Mobile and web application our Pet tracking system and GPS devices are always there to help users. It provides accurate location and with a bigger battery users don’t have to charge their GPS devices on daily basis, we have understood the pain of the users of removing the collars of the pets to charge the device, it sometimes becomes tough to do it, due to several things. That is why our devices come with bigger battery for longer support. 

Pet Tracking System

Some of the features of our Pet Tracking System are

1. Live Tracking

Track the live location of your furry family member when its needed the most. In real- time tracking mode, the location will be updated every 10 seconds.

2. Geo Fence

Receive an instant notification when your pet leaves or enters a defined security zone like home or neighborhood.

3. Point to Interest

These areas are another kind of security zones like Geo Fences, but they are more precise, like it can be defined by any friend or family members home, office or school.

4. 100 Percent water proof device

 The GPS devices are 100 percent waterproof, providing greater life to the devices, since the furry friends enjoy playing in mud and water and they can sometimes be stuck in rains as well, where our Pet tracking system can provide they live location.

5. Facility to track at anytime from anywhere

Our Pet tracking system provides users access to their pet’s live location 24×7 at anytime and from anywhere.

6. Location history data

Users get to track location history data whenever they want to know the past locations of their pets.

7. Especially designed collars for dogs, cats and other animals

We have especially designed collar available for dogs, cats and other animals of several types, So with our Pet tracking system anyone doesn’t have to worry about their pets whereabouts.

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