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Motion Sensor - 3 Axis Accelerometer CAN and K-Line Support for Vehicle Data Acquisition

Track Your Sawari

On Board Diagnostics-OBD II

A GPS-GSM based Tracking and Monitoring System with OBD-II( Onboard Vehicle Diagnostics standards 2) interface, which adds remote diagnostics capabilities to our existing GPS Vehicle tracking platform. Along with vehicle tracking data, other vehicle-related parameters, and diagnostic information like Error codes, Real time speed, RPM, Fuel level, Real Time Odometer can be acquired through OBD-II interface and sent to server through GSM/GPRS for processing. With Current OBD-II interface becoming standardized with all the vehicle manufacturers, this solution opens up an opportunity to offer a wide range of services & applications to users and huge business opportunity within in automobile ecosystem.

Monitor status since DTCs cleared. (Includes malfunction Indicator lamp (MIL) status and number of DTCs.)
Calculates engine load
Engine coolant temperature
Intake manifold absolute pressure
Engine RPM
Vehicle speed
OBD standards this vehicle conforms to India OBD II (IOBD II)
MAF air flow rate
Distance traveled with malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) on

Parameters Description
Chipset MT6260
Memory 8 MB solid state  Flash, 100K Erase and Program Cycle, 10 year data retention
GSM Module Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz,DCS GPRS: class10 Coding Scheme CS1 to CS4
GPS Module GPS:66 acquisition-/ 22 tracking channels, Ultra high tracking/ navigation sensitivity: - 165dBm1, Inbuilt patch antenna, 5 Meters Accuracy.
Antennas Internal Antennas
Communication Interface TCP/IP on GPRS
Record Storage/buffer  10000 Tracking Records  ( may vary based on configuration and paremeter chosen)
Ports 1-USB Device type, Standard OBD-II J1962 Connector with CAN and K-Line
Speed Sensor GPS(default), Through OBD Speed Data
SIM Interface  Supports   SIM card: 1.8V & 3V / Embedded SIM (optional)
GPRS Packet Data  Class 10 ; Class 8 (Optional), Coding  Scheme CS1 to CS4
LED Indication Processing, GSM, GPS, USB Detection
Connectors Standard OBD-II connector
Power Supply Wide DC input voltage range (9V - 32V)
Current Consumption 60 mAh during  tracking  and  30 mAh during standby
Internal Battery 500 mAh, 4 to 6 Hr backup.
Protocol supported CAN( 11 bit/29 bit), K-Line
Temperature Operating: -20°C to +60°C
Storage: -20°C to +85°C (Without Battery)
 Dimension(L x W x H) in mm 55 X 35 X 30
Weight 150 g
FOTA Firmware upgrade over the air available
Protocol supported CAN, KWP and J1939
Motion Sensor 3 Axis Accelerometer