Mining Asset Tracking

Live track your Mining vehicles and staff operating them with our Mining asset tracking solutions.

With large mining sites generally located in most of the remote and far- off locations of India, Mining companies and their management every time cannot be present at these locations and thus they need specific tools and solutions to track their valuable plants and equipments which are involved in the mining operations. The machines and humans working at the sites with tough connectivity are most of the times in tough conditions and face many challenges and if the management lacks proper tracking solutions it is really tough for them to keep a track of their staff and equipments present at the miming sites.
Whether the requirement is to track any vehicle involved in the mining operations or it is to track any human or anything, we have solutions available for every mining asset tracking need. With our advance mining asset tracking solutions know where all your mining equipments, vehicles and operators are, who is operating each vehicle, which vehicles are the most efficient and how and when they are used. You can track live location of your vehicles and equipment on our web and mobile applications from anywhere and at any time on the go, We have solutions available to tracking fuel, share live images and to track employee attendance through RFID along with simple mining asset tracking to share live locations of the vehicles.
We have solutions available to track vehicles live locations on Google maps, Bing maps and Open streets map, It is entirely users choice to opt for the kind of map they want to use for their mining asset tracking needs. With advance Mining asset tracking solutions mining companies can leave their tracking requirements up to us and they can focus on their business and see it growing and climbing success ladders.

Track Your Sawari’s Mining asset tracking solutions help mining organizations by:

  • Updating location data instantly, we update the locations data in every 10 seconds.
  • Clients can live track their vehicles like generators, mixers, trailers, trucks and other machineries and vehicles and share their locations with anyone they want to share it with.
  • We share information on idle time and information on over speeding by the vehicles.
  • Notification messages are shared if the GPS device installed in the vehicles are tampered or removed.
  • Users can create Geo Fences and they will receive notifications for vehicles entering and exiting the Geo Fences.
  • Users receive customized reports of their vehicle data.
  • We share notifications for all vehicle related information like vehicle’s ignition and motion updates, GPS Device online and off line updates.
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