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JV200 Vehicle GPS Tracker with Real Time Online Tracking

JV200 GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracker in India-JV200. This basic model is suitable for the management of fleets, Public transportation, School buses, Taxi operations and car rentals etc. It is recommended to install a GPS Vehicle Tracker in your vehicle due to an increase in vehicle thefts and competition to provide better and on time service. In addition to real-time tracking and geo-fencing, it has core functions to meet user demands. It also has the functionality to stop the car remotely, ACC (accessories) status detection, harsh acceleration/ braking alarm, Driver behaviour analysis, Custom digital input gives you an edge. Besides, JV200 uses own GPRS Protocol which is simple and practical.

JV 200


Allow the location to be pinpointed accurately & rapidly.

Cut-off alarms, Direction change report etc.

Water resistant to ensure stable operation in tough environment.

Wide operating voltage applicable to all types of vehicles.

Support speeding/ Towing/ Geo-fence/ Fuel.




DC 11v to 45v/1.5A

650 mAh/3.7 V

65 mAh Standby current

5% to 95%(Non-Condensing)

200 hours in power-saving mode and
22hours in normal mode

3 indicators showing GSM,GPS & BATTERYstatus

1 SOS button(for sending SMS or dialing)

3D acceleration sensor(for vibration,wake-up,and towing alarms)

GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

8 MB byte

2 inputs(1 negative input and 1 positive input)
1 output

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