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GT06N Vehicle GPS Tracker with Real Time Online Tracking

GT06N GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracker (GT06N). This advanced model supports a real- time tracking, panic button, one way calling, driver behavior analysis etc. It’s hard and rugged enclosure makes it shockproof and long-lasting. Its 3D acceleration sensor provides data for vibrations, towing and even wake up from idling. This device is best for fleet management and transport vehicles management allowing you flexibility with more efficiency and cost reduction. GT06N meets the core demands of users with real-time tracking and geo- fencing. It also informs you of rash driving, Sudden brakes and a complete report of driver behavior analysis. It can cut the fuel supply to stop the vehicle. Besides, being water resistant, dust proof and with a built-in antenna, It always keeps you ahead of your competitors.



Support Calling.

Hard and rugged enclosure.

Cut-off alarms, Direction & heartbeat reports etc.

Sensor, Panic Button and Driver Behavior.

Complete shockproof & durable.

Less Than 1% Rate Of Repairing.

Easy To Integrate, Supports TCP/UDP,MQTT & HTTP.

Support speeding/ Towing/ Geo-fence/ Fuel.

High Quality Assurance & Stable Performance.




DC 11v to 45v/1.5A

650 mAh/3.7 V

65 mA Standby current

5% to 95%(Non-Condensing)

200 hours in power-saving mode and 22hours in normal mode

3 indicators showing GSM,GPS & BATTERYstatus

1 SOS button(for sending SMS or dialing)

3D acceleration sensor(for vibration,wake-up,and towing alarms)

GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

8 MB byte

2 inputs(1 negative input and 1 positive input) 1 analog input-fuel/Temp sensor detection 2 outputs

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