Family Tracking System

Family Tracking System

Parenting is not an easy task. Responsibility increases day by day when your child gets older. There are situations when you can’t be with your family members and you get tensed when you cannot connect with them, at such times our GPS devices and mobile application can be a life saver. Our Family and pet tracking system is really helpful to users since with the increasing crime rate no one would want their family members and loved ones in any unwanted situation.

Along with basic GPS devices which share live locations of anyone that you want to track we have GPS devices which are equipped with emergency button and support one way and two way calling functionalities. Our Mobile Applications are equipped with emergency buttons as well and in event of some mishappening users can communicate with their family members.

We have designed special GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking application to meet needs of family and pet tracking system.

Family Tracking system

Benefits with Track Your Sawari’s Family and Pet Tracking System

With our reliable personal tracking devices and GPS tracking web and mobile applications users have formed a bond with us and they now feel secure using our family and pet tracking system. In last few years crimes against children, elderly and disabled people have increased many folds, since they are sift targets to criminals they are targeted firts and with the busy life schedule of parents it is really essential for parents and able family members to virtually stay connected with their kids, family members, elderly people and pets. Our GPS tracking devices are really small and there are several variants available for kids to use, like they can be kept in pockets, bags or they can be tied on kids hand as wrist watches. These devices have high battery life and kids can press emergency/ panic button if they feel unsafe at any point of time. 

Parents or caretakers can easily monitor their kids movement on our mobile and web apps, there are options available for them to live track their kid’s movement on Google Map, Open streets map or Bing Maps. Live locations of the GPS devices are updated in every 10 seconds for a very live and real time location tracking experience. This helps everyone enjoy their freedom independence along with it, our system provides peace of mind to parents, guardians and other family members knowing that their family members, kids and pets are and if anything happens to them it would be easy to for them to locate the kid, family members or pets.

Key features of our Family tracking system

family tracking system
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