Car Tracking System

There has been a huge rise in car thefts, with the increase in number of cars with the users, the risk and chances of theft increases. People are ready to buy cars of their choice on cash or loans but they tend to ignore the need of the Car Tracker / GPS tracking system. If we take a look at any news channel or any newspaper we can find crimes related to vehicle thefts, whether it is related to car theft or bike theft. These stolen vehicles can either be sold out fully or usage or to be used in crimes by other criminals or they can be broken into pieces and sold into broken parts. There are several hubs in each state where these stolen vehicles are sold, out of the ten stolen vehicles hardly two to three vehicles are recovered other cases go unresolved and files are closed by the police. The vehicle thieves are so specialized and experienced at their work is that they very rarely leave any clue for the law enforcement agencies for them to track them. When such incidences happen with people they realize the need of the car tracker / GPS tracker for car, but by that time it is too much late and till the time they reach out to police for tracking their vehicles, they are either refurbished or they are either broken and sold as vehicle body parts.
GPS Tracker for Car
GPS tracker for car not only has benefits for tracking the lost car, but the car tracker/ car tracking system can also be used in several other situations for example your husband or wife went for any meeting and is late returning home, you don’t want to bother them than in such events you can track their current location and check if they are still in the meeting or if they are returning home. There are numerous such examples where GPS vehicle tracking system keeps proving to be useful.

Some of the important features of Bike Tracking System are

1. Live Tracking

Users receive live tracking updates, they can check the vehicle’s location in real time and they can also follow up in case of vehicle thefts and in emergencies.

2. Geo Fence

User can create Geo Fence (secured zones) for their devices and they receive instant notifications whenever the vehicle enters or exits the Geo Fence area.

3. Panic Button

We offer our users with Panic button/ Emergency button, using which they or their passengers traveling in the car can trigger a emergency alerts, Once the button is pressed it immediately sends an alerts to the emergency number, three emergency numbers can be added for one GPS device.

4. History Log

Users get to access the history of the vehicles from our Car tracking system and they can easily check on the history for any day at anytime from anywhere.

5. Customized Reports

Users using our GPS tracker for car have access to the reports of their choice, we offer couple of options to choose from.

6. Engine Immobilizer

Car tracking system users can turn on/ off the ignition right from their mobile App, if they feel their car is stolen or in under danger.

7. Instant Notification

Track Your Sawari’s four wheeler tracking system users receive instant notifications right after the events take place.

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