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GPS tracking technology is embraced before time by the security industry. In fact, before it became common for private and commercial usage, the benefits of GPS for security purposes was identified by the security agencies. Vehicle Tracking System in India has become more common and used in a variety of deployments.

The vehicle tracking system in India may be a great example as many courier and shipment, logistics, travel, and taxi companies have a requirement to ascertain where their vehicles are located at any given time. Vehicle owners/ admins can utilize a GPS tracking device to procure the exact location of their vehicles at any time. Regardless of where anyone can be within the world, a GPS tracking system can assist anyone in tracing the location of their vehicles, loved ones, and family members. GPS isn’t only for finding your own location, however, it is often used for car tracking, equipment tracking, asset tracking, and tracking people and animals as well. If you have got a valuable item like for example bike, car, truck, or any type of vehicle one can install a wired or wireless put a GPS tracking device in the vehicle of their interest and track the location whenever and from wherever they want to track the whereabouts of their vehicles. Business owners also utilize GPS fleet tracking to stay track of their company vehicles and ensure drivers are going where they are alleged to be going.
Getting found out together with your GPS Vehicle Tracker
There are two sorts of GPS trackers, one is wired and the second is portable/wireless/ battery-powered GPS tracking devices. Portable trackers are wireless, so you will use them for various things on a daily basis. A portable GPS tracking system can be moved easily from one vehicle to another vehicle or from person to person. These are simple plug and play devices and do not an expert technician for their installation.
If the asset is powered a typical or rugged GPS Tracker is often used, in much an equivalent way as one would want to track a vehicle. If the vehicle of the asset to be tracked doesn’t have a power source, and it does not move frequently or each individual movement does not get to be tracked and everyone you would like to understand is where your assets are, then a battery-powered tracker is most suitable GPS tracking device/ Vehicle Tracking System in India. You don’t need it to be installed in each of your vehicles to trace them.
Always ensure that the tracking device is fully charged before it is installed in the vehicle or the asset to be tracked.
About Track Your Sawari Asset GPS Vehicle Tracker comes with a 10000 mAH internal battery which is rechargeable. The Track Your Sawari GPS vehicle tracker gives updates of your vehicle at a fixed interval of your time which is configurable as per user’s requirement. The battery life depends on the intervals one set for the device. for instance, if one would like to trace their vehicle every half an hour, then the battery lasts up to 30 days on one charge and if they want to track in every 5 minutes then the battery can last up to 18 days in full charge of 8 hours. The system notifies you whenever the host asset begins moving and you will be alerted whenever there’s unauthorized activity. Users also receive text messages when the GPS tracking device battery is lowered.
Basically, this device is employed to trace temporary or contract market hired vehicles and high-value consignments on the go. Suppose, the demand is more and therefore the tracking vehicle that’s used for delivery is a smaller amount, then the corporate has got to hire another vehicles and installation of a GPS Tracking device isn’t an option, then there comes these wireless GPS tracking device/ Magnet GPS tracking device for can be used easily. The unit requires no installation and comes with an outsized capacity rechargeable battery. This is often also an ideal solution to guard and track your high-value consignments. Track Your Sawari’s wireless GPS vehicle tracker or Asset GPS tracking device offers a full range of tracking and site capabilities suitable for containers, trucks, cars, bikes, or any kind of requirement where the person needs wireless tracking services. Our device provides GPS tracking and locating capabilities for extended security cover, alerts to the owner on the movement of their asset, about ignition on/ off alerts on the movement, over-speed alerts, location alerts. Providing you the peace of mind that your valuable consignments or assets are safe. The compact, rugged unit is self-contained with no external antenna or wires to run – which offers an instant and easy installation. It is also easy to reposition from one asset to a different, without requiring a fanatical unit for each machine in your fleet. better of all, the system transmits with little to no sky view so you’ll hide it out of sight underneath or inside certain assets.

Target Usage

  • Freight and Logistics
  • Nonpowered mobile assets
  • Oil and Gas immovable equipment and vehicles
  • Agriculture Equipment and Implements
  • Trailers and caravan
  • Shipping containers
  • Mining Equipment

GPS Tracking devices are not any longer an extravagant purchase – in some cases they’re a necessity. It is not a matter of getting that extra layer of protection. It is also that the protection is out there and cheaper than ever. So, what might be keeping you from taking every measure that you simply can to stay your possessions safer.

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