Brief Description of Vehicle Tracking Device from Track Your Sawari

Best Vehicle Tracker from Track Your Sawari

Get the accurate location information with the help of the quality Vehicle Tracker from Track Your Sawari.

Since the time we started offering services in the field of GPS Tracking, focus has been on quality service with the help of quality GPS Vehicle Tracker.

Our commitment has been to serve our customers to their all requirements related to GPS Tracking of their vehicles. Whenever a customer calls us for their requirement we ask them their details and their requirement details in order to offer them the best device for their need.

Most of clients come from references of our existing customers. The satisfied and happy customers have been source of our growing business. We believe in the saying that a satisfied will tell 10 people about our services while an irate customer will tell 100 other people about our services and we are focused in providing quality GPS tracking service.

The Vehicle tracker used for vehicle tracking requirements are high in quality. The GPS tracker provide highly accurate location information to the users. Which they can see through our GPS tracking app.

Some of the GPS tracking app features are below:

Real time Monitoring System – Users can track their vehicles in real time after we install the GPS Tracker in their vehicle. If they wish to use any wireless Vehicle tracker or Personal Tracker still they will get the location in real time. It is just that the users will have to charge the GPS tracker as per their GPS device battery capacity.

Route Replay – Users can anytime view the movement of their vehicles by selecting vehicle and choosing route replay in the live tracking screen.

Internal GPS and GSM Antenna: All the Vehicle tracker provided by us have internal GPS antenna to protect them against damage and seamless tracking experience.

Pin Point Location Identification – With the help of the Vehicle tracker our GPS tracking app shares the accurate locations. The location can be for their loved ones, family members and assets of the users. At anytime from anywhere the user needs it and for any device.

Turn-off engine remotely – Once user feels insecure about their vehicle they can turn off the vehicle’s engine from their GPS tracking app. They can turn it on once they are secure about the vehicle. (For doing it the vehicle’s speed must be less than 20 km/hr.)

Car anti-theft device – Retrieve location of your stolen vehicle, immobilize the vehicle engine simply from your GPS tracking app.

Odometer Reading – Receive the distance traveled by the vehicle with the help of the Vehicle Tracker installed in the vehicle. Distance is calculated the distance in the latitude longitude shared by the Vehicle tracker.

In-built Memory – At times when the sim card is out of network area. The in-built memory in the Vehicle tracker saves the data shared the GPS satellites available at the moment and the data is updated right after the sim card comes under the network area. The location and other related data is updated with data and time of the data.

Internal Battery Backup – With the in-built battery for backup up to 3 to 4 Hrs. in absence of Vehicle Main 12/24 Volt battery, the GPS tracking device still keeps sharing the data even when the main power supply of the battery is removed from the vehicle.

Battery Voltage Measurement – The GPS Tracking device shares the GPS tracker battery data with the location and other related data.The user receives instant notifications once the GPS Device battery percentage drops a certain level.

Emergency or SOS button- With the help of emergency button. Driver or passenger can trigger emergency notifications in case they feel insecure. The emergency button is installed in the vehicle and both the driver and the passengers have access to it. The emergency button alerts are shared on the application and can be sent to maximum 3 mobile numbers.

Geo-fencing – Users can create a virtual secured zone of maximum 5 kilometers to receive instant notifications on entry and exit of their vehicles in these secured zones.

Configurable via text message – All the GPS tracking device are easily configurable via text messages. User can control the GPS Tracking device with the help of commands that are sent through sms from their mobile numbers.

Over Speed Alert – Users can set speed limit as per their choice (ex.: 55 Km/hr.) from their GPS Tracking Web app. They will receive alerts on their GPS tracking whenever the Vehicle violates the over speed set by the user.

Ignition On/Off notification – User will receive an instant alert every time the ignition is turned On/Off of their vehicle.

Status Request via text message – Users can retrieve status of the GPS device installed in their vehicle with the help of status request commands in case of absence of internet in their phone.

24×7 Availability – Users can easily track their vehicles from their computer, laptop or their GPS tracking app at any time and from anywhere.

Alert Management – Users can easily manage their alerts by selecting the type of alerts for their vehicles. They can manager for alerts for over speed, Geo-fence entry-exit, Ignition & AC On/Off and door open and close alerts, etc.

Customized report management: Users can customize their choice of report types from the different report type options available with us.

Parking Mode: Users can turn on the parking mode after they park their vehicles and they will receive notification in the form of siren when the vehicle moves in the parking mode. (Parking violation alert will depend on the network availability.)

Navigate to your vehicle: In case the user forgets the location of their parked vehicle or if they want to navigate to the location of their vehicle at any other location for any reason they can use the GPS tracking App to navigate to their vehicle.

For more information on our GPS tracking Device and GPS tracking app, Please visit our website . You can also connect with us through email by sending an mail at or feel free to call us at +91-9811031676.

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