For any fleet management company their vehicles (Trucks) are the lifeline for their businesses, out of the important factors like their on-time client pick- up and deliveries, their goods security or any other important factor during the good transit wholly depends on the Trucks or the vehicles used for the goods transportation which creates the need of truck tracking system and makes it important driving factor for their business. To determine the exact location of the trucks using truck tracking system or checking the fuel percentage, checking on tyre pressures using tyre sensors or keeping an eye on door opening and closing activities in case it’s these things are required apart from the location updates.

Fleet owners/ managers relay on the truck tracking systems for the location data whenever they need to know about the location of their vehicles, Since every time they can’t be calling the truck drivers for their locations or speed data which can be in correct and not only truck monitoring helps users with the location data, but they can avoid vehicle theft cases and can seek instant help when required, there are times the vehicles might have to cross some unsecured places where the theft percentage is higher, at such places GPS vehicle tracking system helps a lot.


Truck Tracking SystemVehicle tracking system helps logistic companies to significantly increase their business and efficiency by assuring smooth communication amongst truck drivers and control center .Nowadays managing hundreds or even thousands of vehicles from anywhere is possible with the help of well designed GPS tracking devices and well managed GPS tracking systems. We at Track Your Sawari are really devoted towards our customers and we are always working to help them with whatever technological assistance they need from us, we are a customer centric organization working towards benefits or our customers rather than being a revenue centric organization and the increasing customers through references is the proof for it.

How it works?

The series of steps taken to track any truck or vehicle through truck tacking system are:

  • The very first step to track any truck through our truck tracking system is to install a GPS device in the vehicle or we can take help from the driver’s phone by using the phone’s GPS locations.
  • Post the installation of the GPS devices or installing the Driver application in driver’s phone next step is to integrate the GPS tracking device/ driver’s phone with the Track Your Sawari Mobile/ Web Application.
  • Once the integration is completed the device starts transmitting the location data to the cloud server and we can present it on our Mobile/ Web Applications.
  • Depending on the GPS devices installed in vehicles, Fleet owner/ manager can track such location information and other information in case sensors are installed for fuel percentage, goods temperature or door sensors

Some major issues that can be tacked through our Truck tracking system are:

  • Location updates: In the logistics industry location data is really important to for the feet owners/ managers to run the operations and also to updates clients on the location updates, since current location of the vehicle determines the pick-up or delivery time, vehicle’s security and the staff’s security as well. In case of emergency client can be updated well in advance on the updated time for pick- up or deliveries.
  • Route management: Our Truck tracking system helps fleet owners/ managers to manage their vehicle routes for pick- up and deliveries, they can do live route updates and arrange for pick- up and deliveries based on the vehicle capacity and the current location of their vehicles.
  • Driver behavior: Using our GPS tracking devices client can check on the driver behavior, if the driver is doing rash driving or if they are applying sudden brakes, which can help fleet owners/ managers to help drivers on their driving behavior and also increase vehicle’s life.
  • Help in case of emergency situations: Help can be arranged instantly in case of emergency if the driver presses emergency button, in events when they cannot call to their owners or managers, the fleet owners/ managers will receive a message on their Mobile and Web Applications and also on their phones if they have opted for text message services from us.
  • Sensor data: Vehicles with additional sensors apart from their GPS devices are also capable of sending their sensor data based on the type of sensors. For example if the user has installed fuel sensors in their vehicle, which can be of different types like: resistance fuel sensors, capacitive fuel sensors or ultrasonic fuel sensors, all sensors share data but their accuracy differs. Users can also get door sensors to monitor door opening and closing, they will receive notifications on their apps in case the doors are opened at locations which are not set in the system, there are tyre pressure sensors available as well to determine the tyre pressure.

How much does it cost?

It tough to commit on the exact prices of our Truck tracking system, Since the prices will vary as per the needs of the customers. Whether the user needs simple location information along with good GPS tracking device (JV200, GT06N) and if they need notifications only on their Mobile/ Web Applications or if they need the notification on their phone numbers as well and if the user needs the notifications on multiple numbers. Prices also vary if they need any type of sensors than the prices include the sensor prices as well, prices also depends on the user’s location and the number of vehicles for which they want our truck tracking system to be implemented.

For any information on our Truck tracking system please feel free to connect with us at anytime through our website, you can also connect with us through email: or feel free to call us at +91-9811031676.


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Truck tracking system helps logistic companies to significantly increase their business and efficiency by assuring smooth communication among truck drivers and control center.
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