Trailer tracking or Asset tracking is simply tracking the real-time position of any vehicle’s trailer unit through a GPS tracking device installed in the trailer. A Trailer tracking/ Asset tracking system is used for obtaining the location updates from the GSP device tracking device and the location is sent to the server in the form of location data and is stored and shared to the user. All this is done in a mere 10 seconds; this is the minimum time taken by our GPS tracking app. The location update interval entirely depends on the user’s choice and it can happen once in a minute, hour, day, week or month as well. To maintain extra security people usually use two GPS device in any vehicle carrying assets or any goods in the trailers.  One GPS device is wired and is connected with Vehicle while the other one is wireless and is kept anywhere in the trailer or container, since it has a large battery generally 6600 mAh 0r 10000 mAh which again depends on user’s requirement of location updates and the time for which the device will not be charged.

Trailer TrackingThese Trailers and containers carry goods and assets which are valuable and are extremely important for the clients of the logistics companies carrying and transporting them, this extra security is really needed to track them in case of theft. Thieves are always in search of such vehicles which are carrying goods which can be sold in the black market and tracking the missing, stolen or lost trailers or containers is an expensive task and keeping a track of these containers in remote areas is really tough difficult. Since the fleet owners/ managers cannot be present every time with the vehicles carrying them, therefore a solution is needed to do it on their behalf. Understanding this pain of the Fleet/ logistics companies we have developed our Logistics/ fleet tracking system aka Trailer tracking/ Asset tracking system.

GPS Trailer Tracking

Our Trailer tracking system/ Asset tracking system helps users to monitor your fleet/ logistics vehicles and the trailer or containers that these vehicles are pulling. Track Your Sawari Truck tracking system provides live location updates, instant notifications of all events, trip replay, customized reports, history, Geo-Fence, Points of interest and calling and messaging to the driver functionalities to the fleet owner/ manager. By using our Asset tracking system the fleet owners/ managers can focus on business and leave their fleet security on us. It not only helps them secure their trailer or container along with the vehicle, driver and the operator, but it also helps them in improving customer satisfaction, because while using our GPS tracking system they don’t have to lie to their customers or just rely on their drivers for location updates. It helps the business in managing and securing their costly equipments and machineries and increasing profits.

Major benefits with our Trailer tracking system.

  • Live tracking: Users get to access the live and real-time location, speed and idle time updates.
  • Easier to track in case of theft: It becomes easier to track the trailer/ container if they are stolen or if they are missing from their pre-defined routes.
  • Geo-Fences: Fleet Owners/ managers receive notification when the trailer or container leaves or enters the Geo-Fences.
  • History: Users can get the location details for any vehicles from anywhere at any point in time.
  • Trip replay: Users can access the replay of the trips made by the trailers/ containers.
  • Customized reports: They have access to customized reports of their choice.
  • Call/ message driver: After start using our trailer tracking system/ Asset tracking system, Feet managers don’t have to remember or save the driver numbers for any vehicle. They can directly call or message any driver right from the GPS tracking App.
  • Instant notifications: Users receive instant notifications on all events of their choice and needs like for door open and close alerts; they can also opt for images along with messages for door opening and closing events.

Trailer tracking/ Asset tracking devices:

TYS600 GPS tracking device: It is an advanced GPS tracking device that supports a camera, Radio Frequency Identification (R.F.I.D), Door sensors, Fuel and Temperature Sensors and Driver Behavior analysis. It has a hard and tough enclosure which makes it shockproof and long-lasting. Its 3D acceleration sensor provides data for all events like GPS device vibrations, towing and even wake up from idling.

AT4 10000mAh Asset GPS Tracker: This is one of the most advanced GPS tracking device today with rugged construction, long battery life make the AT4 the new state of the art in GPS vehicle tracking. Using GPS, LBS positioning, AT4 gives detailed reports and tells the users exactly where a vehicle/ trailer has been, in which direction it is moving and at what speed is it travelling. The GPs device has a 10000mAh battery and is IPX5 waterproof to maximize performance; it puts the user in total control of individual vehicles or fleets. Strong magnet t the bottom of the GPS device facilitates the installation at anywhere while built-in MIC realizes voice monitoring.

CT10 3G Container GPS Tracker: This GPS tracking device is specially designed for container transportation and cargo shipping, the 3G GPS tracker CT10 is a useful security solution providing enhanced visibility and security of assets while they are in-transit across the world. Using WCDMA technology, the ALL NEW cost-effective, long life GPS tracking device is able to provide accurate information on the location data of the containers: whether they are being moved in the ocean and or moving on the land in a seamless and efficient way.

Our dedicated customer service staff is always there to help our existing and potential customers with all their tracking needs and information at any time from anywhere and we have designed our GPS trailer tracking system in such a way that any person with less technical knowledge can also understand the GPS tracking app. All our GPS devices are thoroughly tested before installation so that customers don’t face any issues while these GPS devices are put into operations.

For any details on Trailer tracking system/ Asset tracking system please feel free to connect with us at any time on our mail: , phone: +91-9811031676 or you can visit our website:

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