GPS Tracking System

What is GPS Tracking System?

GPS Tracking System securing vehciles

Importance of GPS Tracking System

It is a complete package of services which cover the communication between the GPS Tracking device (hardware) and the GPS Tracking App (software).

How does GPS Tracking System work?

The methodology seems really simple from the user’s prospective but it involves lot of engineering work and hours of hard work spent at the back end to make the Vehicle Tracking system a reality. There are two major components in the GPS Tracking System aka GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

GPS Tracking Device: There are lots of options available for the GPS Tracking devices for the user to opt from as per their needs and requirements. It is entirely users consent to choose on the GPS Devices. The GPS Tracker play a important role in the GPS Tracking System, since the GPS tracking Mobile app or web app can only present the data sent by the GPS Tracking Device. If the data is not regular or if its incorrect in any form, than the goal behind the use of technology is of no use. Therefore the choice of the device is the first and the most important thing to be done while planning to move ahead with the GPS Tracking System.

These GPS device sends the data to the GPS Tracking server in the form of data packets through sockets and the data can be sent as per the users need. The least possible time interval is 10 seconds and the maximum has no limits, there the GPS server has to be so much capable to store the incoming data in every 10 seconds from the GPS devices and then present it to the user. The entire process is so fast that the user doesn’t realize how it’s happening. That’s where our proficiency comes in place; we employ the best GPS Tracking devices for assisting customers with their needs. We at Track Your Sawari provide free of cost demo to the customer and upon their consent we move ahead with the further device installations.

GPS Tracking App/ GPS Tracking Server: Since the GPS Tracking devices are sharing the location data in every 10 seconds and their storage and presentation to the customer has to be really fast to offer the customer a pleasant experience, we make use of the best available cloud server from AWS (Amazon web services). This reduces the downtime and is one of the most robust cloud servers available in today’s date.

We offer 3 Months data back up to our clients for them to have a look at any incident that might have happened three months back and it might need reconsideration for any purpose.

There are several other features offered by our GPS Tracking Mobile App and GPS Tracking Web App.

  • Live Tracking: We offer live tracking to our customers using our GPS Tracking Mobile App and GPS Tracking Web App, customers are able to see their loved ones, vehicles and assets in real time. Which helps them to stay virtually connected with them at anytime from anywhere.
  • Instant notifications: Our GPS Tracking system offers instant notifications for the events happening with the devices attached to the loved ones, vehicles or assets. This feature is really helpful to prevent thefts and several crime incidents and helps the user/ manager to keep a check.
  • Customized Reports: Our GPS Tracking System offers customized reports to help users analyze their vehicles, loved ones and assets movement and location details. They can see daily travel details, Stoppage reports and travel summaries.
  • Geo Fence: Geo Fence as the name suggests is a virtual Fence or secured zone created by the user to help protect their family members, vehicles or assets. People receive alerts as in when they enter or exit the Geo Fence area.
  • Points of Interest: Points of Interest or POI is another kind of Geo Fence created by the user for their home, office, school or any other area of interest. User receives instant notifications for the events when the person, vehicle or assets enters or exits the Points of Interest.
  • Vehicle Immobilize/ Mobilize: Users can Immobilize/ Mobilize their vehicles right from their mobile apps or they can also send text messages from the mobile phone to Immobilize/ Mobilize the vehicles. The only condition to cut off the fuel or power supply is that the vehicle speed needs to be less than 20 Km/ hr to avoid any accidents.
  • Call the driver: User can also call the drivers from their GPS Tracking Mobile Apps and they don’t have to save their driver numbers in order to call them.
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