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With our generation getting, advance day by day and people have an addiction to expensive vehicles bet it cars or bikes, the cases of vehicle thefts are increasing day by day. If anyone feels that their vehicle is old or not a luxury vehicle and it won’t be stolen, it is their misconception because vehicle thieves have different motives to steal vehicle, it is not always to steal luxury vehicle and sell them at good prices, but in grey and black markets all vehicles be it economical or luxury they have their own demands and can be sold at fine prices and can also be used for committing crimes. It is really needed for every vehicle owner/ manager to have their vehicles equipped with the vehicle security system to Secure Vehicle from theft. Getting a vehicle tracking system for your vehicle is like getting the insurance for your vehicle. There are several benefits of having a GPS tracking system if your vehicle apart from tracking the vehicle when it is lost. Most people don’t realize the need of Vehicle tracking system until any issue happens with their vehicle, but when it happens and if the GPS tracking device is not installed in the vehicle, it is of no use. Having the right knowledge about GPS tracking system/ Vehicle tracking system is really important.

Secure Vehicle from theftAccording to a report published Indiatimes on 25 Feb 2018, in the year 2018, an average of 110-120 vehicles thefts in Delhi alone has been reported. Yes, you read it right- EVERY DAY. The more shocking fact here is that less than 8 per cent of the total cases is solved by the police. Till February 15, 2018, Delhi Police had already recorded 4,970 cases of vehicle thefts against 40,692 in 2017 which again hints that this year, the numbers will increase from last year.

If the Vehicle owners have good vehicle tracking system installed in the vehicles it becomes really easy for them and the law enforcement agencies to track down the vehicles and the thieves, but people tend to avoid the need of GPS tracking system. They are ready to invest heavily on the vehicles and on their interiors and customization but when it comes to securing them through vehicle tracking system they feel it is not necessary. Majority of the vehicle theft cases go unsolved because the vehicles thieves are so quick in moving the vehicle out from the state and taking them to one of their safe zones, where they can tear the vehicles and change the look and design of the vehicles. Vehicles are sold if the vehicles can be sold for any reason and if they cannot be sold they are broken into parts that are working fine and the parts that cannot be used are thrown away or sold in scrap. The only time that is left with the vehicle owner and law enforcement agencies is the wafer-thin time between the vehicles is stolen and is taken by the thieves for breaking them into parts or for reselling them. If the vehicle is equipped with the GPS tracking system, it is really easy for them to track the vehicles and the vehicle can even be immobilized if the vehicle owner had opted for vehicle immobilizer in their vehicles.

It is really necessary to understand the need and importance of the GPS Vehicle tracking system in securing your vehicles against vehicle thefts along with the basic security steps that can be taken to secure the vehicles:

  • Parking at safe and secure places: Whenever anyone reports for the vehicle thefts the Police officer will ask where it is stolen from, one must always make sure that vehicle is parked in a safe and secure location and is equipped with a GPS tracking device which is sharing their locations to the Vehicle tracking system.
  • Installing vehicle security system: Whenever park your vehicle make sure that all the doors and windows are locked in case of a four-wheeler and if it is a two-wheeler vehicle make sure the handle is locked. These are the basic vehicle safety tactics but they prove really important to secure the vehicles from thefts. Because leaving the door/ windows of vehicles is like inviting the vehicle thieves for thefts.
  • Keeping track of vehicle keys: Keys are really important to secure your vehicles, one must make sure that their vehicle keys are kept at a safe place and only people you trust have access to them if you have given it to anyone that no longer needs them. Please collect the keys from them. If possible please get the centre locking system installed in the four-wheeler and wheel locks in case of two-wheelers to have double security for your vehicles. But the need and importance of the GPS tracking system must not be avoided.
  • Avoid keeping valuables in your vehicle: One must avoid keeping or leaving any kind of valuable items in their vehicles when leaving their vehicles parked anywhere. Even when the vehicles are parked at safe zones, leaving any kind of valuable items in the vehicles must be avoided. Since it will only attract the thieves and increase the chances of vehicle thefts. Try to leave all the valuable items at home or take them with you rather than leaving them in the vehicles.
  • Use a physical anti-theft device: Having a GPS tracking device or any anti-theft device increases the chances of vehicle recovery in case of thefts and helps the law enforcement agencies in recovering the vehicles. These devices are also helpful in case if the vehicle meets an accident and their speed at the time is needed by the insurance companies for processing the claims.
  • Never leave your vehicle running or outside your house: Leaving your vehicles running or outside your home is an invitation to the thieves. Most of the vehicle theft cases happen right outside the homes of the vehicles owners. Parking is a major issue at several places and for people residing in apartments cannot take their vehicles with them in their homes, but they can turn the ignition off and also get a GPS tracking device installed in their vehicle to avoid the thefts.
  • Stay connected with your vehicles through advanced Vehicle tracking system by Track Your Sawari: In case after taking all the precautionary steps the vehicle is stolen, in such events, the vehicles can be easily tried to recover by our advanced vehicle tracking system. There are several vehicle tracking plans available with us to help out users with their vehicle tracking needs for Car tracking, bike tracking, truck tracking, bus tracking we have especially designed car tracking system, bike tracking system, truck tracking system, bus tracking system. Our GPS vehicle tracking system offers several offers and services as per the user’s needs. With the advance vehicle tracking system from Track Your Sawari now make the best use of the technology and stay virtually connected with your vehicles and stay safe and secure.

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