How to secure your vehicle with Track Your Sawari

In the world of technology today there are lots of Mobile Apps available for our day to day needs and several Apps are available for GPS tracking as well, but not every GPS tracking App is able to provide accurate information to the users. There could be several reasons why the GPS vehicle tracking system is not able to provide the right information about the GPS device/ secure any vehicle.

The GPS tracking system sounds simple but is a very complex and highly advanced system which makes the use of technology to transmit the location and other information shared by the GPS devices that could be installed in the vehicles or assets and they can also be kept in the bags or worn by the living beings.

GPS Tracking AppThere can be several ways to track any object or living being, one could be installing the GPS tracking device and the other can be making the use of Mobile App and sharing the location to the GPS tracking App through the sim card GPRS data and the GPS satellites. We at Track Your Sawari work on the same technology, but we have worked hard and developed one of the most advanced GPS Tracking mobile app that makes use the best GPS tracking devices which share the most accurate location data to our AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud server through the sim card GPRS data and the GPS satellites, the data is then presented to the  user through Track Your Sawari Mobile App. The user can also use their Mobile phone for their tracking needs by simply installing a Mobile App in the phone of the person that they want to track through our GPS tracking system. After installing the Mobile App in the phone, they Mobile App makes use of the Phone’s GPS and shares the location data with you through our Track Your Sawari mobile app and you can track your car with your smart phone.

Below are the Vehicle Tracking App features:

Live Tracking:

Users get to access our Live location data and the users can live track their vehicles, assets and loved ones through our GPS tracking App, The data is updated in every 10 seconds and every minute details on the GPS device movement related to its location, speed, current status is updated through the data sent in the form of packets, in case sim card installed in the GPS device is out of the network area than the information is stored in the GPS device memory and is updated as soon as the sim card comes in the network area.

Multiple Devices:

There is no limit on the number of the GPS devices that can be tracked through a user account, It is entirely user’s choice on how many GPS devices they want to track through our Track Your Sawai Mobile tracking software.  If the user wants to share the same devices with limited features of notification or access to edit or make any changes to the device information, they can easily limit the features, by creating an account under them. While they will still have all access to do anything with the device or the vehicle information, But the other user account under them will have access only to the limited features shared by the main user.


Our Best Vehicle Tracking app is available for all users and they can download and enjoy the features of the GPS tracking system through our Web or Mobile Apps, We have our Apps available on iOS and Android platforms.

Advertisement free service:
Our company is customer-centric and our motto is customer satisfaction and this is the reason we do not run any advertisements on our web or Mobile Apps. secure any vehicle.

Grouping GPS devices and dividing them under branches:
Users can divide the GPS devices under groups and they can also put them into branches under the user accounts and companies. Users can track the Vehicles through GPS device groups and branches under user accounts and companies.

Download Report:
Users can download the device location reports of their choice and in the choice of their format. They can download the reports with the device data with their location information and with all the details shared by the GPS devices installed in the vehicles. secure any vehicle.

Trip Replay:

Users can replay a live movement of their vehicles, asset or their loved ones if they were not tracking at the time of their movement. It can be really helpful if any incident has happened and the user wants to know what the location and device details were at the time of the incident.

Data Security: 

User ‘s data is hundred percent secured with Track Your Sawari, only the users and their authorized peoples will have the access to their data, They can anytime change the user account information and password at anytime they want to do it. They can also customize the user information and vehicle information that is to be shown to any of their employee or family member. secure any vehicle.

Geo fence:
Users can track the movement of the vehicles and people in and out of the Geo Fences created by the user to secure their vehicles and loved ones. Our GPS tracking system gives instant notifications to the users in their mobile apps when the device which is installed in the vehicle or is worn by the person or animal moves out of the Geo Fence/ secured zone created by the user.


Users receive instant notifications of their choice right after the action taken by the device installed in the vehicle, asset or if it is with the person or animal. Instant notifications help users take appropriate action on the event that has happened. secure any vehicle.

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