We are using the latest technology for School Bus Tracking System on mobile phones, computers, and other platforms. We send various types of notifications about the buses on mobile applications and Web Admin panel. Along with using the best GPS devices to provide smooth tracking services we also use the GPS and GPRS capabilities of mobile phones to offer a much more advanced solution. We have designed our Mobile App in such a way that it provides details about whereabouts of the school bus operators to School Management.

School Bus Tracking System

Track Your Sawari understands how important children are to their Parents, Teachers, and other School Management and we are always striving hard to keep up the faith and trust of Parents on their kid’s Teachers and other School Staff, With regular rise in crimes and assaults against children it becomes really necessary that one must keep their kids and other family members secured and safe and to help Parents and School Management Track Your Sawari has brought an innovative communication tool between the schools/bus operators and parents with respect to the movement and tracking of the school buses.

Our GPS devices are well equipped with providing live tracking information, live images, customized reports, alerts for various events and students can submit their attendance once they on board the buses.

Track Your Sawari uses a collection of Mobile App for Parents, a Mobile App for School Bus Operators and a Mobile App for School Management to facilitate this communication tool and provide enhanced user experience and sense of security when they use our Mobile Application Tracking System.

Some of the important features of our School Bus Tracking System are:

Live Tracking information: Parents and School Management get to know the static and live tracking updates when they choose our School Bus Monitoring System. There are various benefits of live tracking features like parents can leave on time to pick and drop their kids to and from their school bus stops and it gives them a sense of security when they get to see their kids school live on their phone whenever they want to know the location of kids on the way to school or home.

Live images: Track Your Sawari offers live images to the Parents and School Management when they opt our School Bus Tracking System, which helps them to know what’s going on in the school buses and it helps them in case of some emergency situations.

Customized reports: School Management can access the customized reports according to their needs, to see updates on various parameters like stoppages, over speeding, route deviations or if the device was unreachable.

Emergency/ Panic buttons: We offer GPS Tracking Emergency/ Panic button on the School buses under our School Bus Tracking system plan which helps Parents and School Buses in case of emergency. Emergency/ Panic buttons are provided at 2 meters distance in School Buses and School cabs; they are nearer to both students and School Bus Operators.

Notifications: Track Your Sawari provides various notifications and alerts to both Parents and School Management depending on the urgency and the need while they are using our School Bus Tracking System. Like Parents and School Management both get alerts for pick and drop of students, over speeding, long stoppages during pick and drops and also route deviations from their defined School Bus routes. While Parents get notified when the School Bus is near to their kid’s pick and drop points.

School Bus Tracking System
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School Bus Tracking System
With Track Your Sawari's School Bus Tracking System Parents & School Management are relaxed since they know their kids are secured & monitored by the best.
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Sunlom Technologies Private Limited

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