Hassle free installation of Magnetic GPS Tracker/ SPY GPS Tracker is the boon.

Anyone who wants to track their vehicles or loved ones without letting anyone know of the GPS tracking device, they can opt for Magnetic GPS Tracker also best known as SPY GPS Tracker.

These GPS tracking devices are very helpful in securing the vehicles and loved ones. Since they can be hidden any where in the vehicles, these are also best hidden GPS tracker for car. The device body is very small and can be stuck anywhere a smaller-than-average body, this vehicle GPS tracker offers more features than other options.

The small, compact body of the Magnetic GPS tracker features a degree of weatherproofing built into the case itself. The app offers several helpful features like arrival and departure notifications and proximity alerts.

Battery capacity is 10000 mAh than and it can last up to 18 days with 5 minutes of location updates. Recharging becomes a hassle since it takes long (around 8 hours), with the reduction in time of locations shared by the device the duration of the battery reduces.

Magnetic GPS Tracker

  • Why chose a Magnetic GPS Tracker?
  • It helps in staying connected with vehicle’s location- A magnetic car tracker allows you to understand your vehicle’s location regardless of where you are. Since many trackers work with a persistent data connection, one can easily lookout for the information online or through our GPS Tracking app anytime you would like, this is really helps in staying virtually connected with your vehicle once you aren’t physically present.
  • Monitor driving habits the person driving the vehicle-Beginning drivers, loved ones, or simply for your own curiosity, monitoring driving habits can provide important information on how your car is employed. Many trackers will log other information besides the vehicle’s location, like speed and braking. Magnetic GPS Tracker helps you tab on how well they are driving and what habits may have to be corrected once you are not around.
  • Peace of mind- There is something to be said for the sensation of security a hidden GPS tracker offers when it involves preventing or addressing attempts of vehicular theft with vehicle tracking. Since it is impossible to stay an eye fixed on your vehicle 24/7 and rather inconvenient to stay a camera thereon anytime it’s parked, a real-time GPS tracker is that the best thanks to keep tabs on the vehicle the maximum amount as possible.
  • Easy to install at any time: The best part of using a Magnetic GPS Tracker is its installation process, which is very simple. One simply needs a magnetic surface where they can simply place the GPS Tracking device and start tracking the vehicle. Any expertise or experience is not required to install these GPS tracking devices.
  • GEOFENCING- These Spy GPS trackers deliver real-time location and status updates. If you would like to stay the vehicle contained to a particular location, you can consider them, and you simply set a Geo Fence for the GPS tracker. This draws an invisible line on the map, defining virtual secured zone for the vehicle to remain in and whenever it moves out of the desired Geo Fence you will receive alerts on the GPS tracking App.
  • Battery Life: All electronic devices are only nearly as good because the lifetime of their batteries. When a GPS tracker runs out of juice, the tracking stops. While battery life depends on variety of settings like location reporting intervals, these SP GPS Tracker devices have longer lifespans than others. Considering the sort and capacity of the battery may be a good start line to ascertain what proportion life you ought to expect out of any option you think about.

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