Truck Trackers helping Fleet owners

Fleet management to any Fleet owner or manager was a pain in the neck and these companies have people monitoring and chasing their trucks and other fleet vehicles until they had GPS Tracking devices.

Since the introduction of GPS Tracking devices life has become really simple for the fleet vehicle owners and managers. They still monitor the vehicles, but now they don’t have to keep calling the driver and conductors for the status and whereabouts of the vehicle. The vehicle location and status data is updated live on the server and is available to customers. Customers can check the data from anywhere at any time.

Truck Tracking Device

Learn how GPS tracking device can help you in running your business efficiently

Truck and fleet owners can easily get the GPS Tracker from Track Your Sawari installed in their trucks and save costs and penalties on late deliveries and they can manage their vehicle security from anywhere.

Using the GPS tracking devices and GPS Tracking App users can even guide their drivers about the location, current situation on traffic and the way ahead for their movement if they are stuck at some location.

With our GPS truck trackers, users get to access the vehicle’s live location and track the vehicle live on map available in our GPS tracking mobile app and GPS tracking web apps. By using this functionality user can stay connected with their vehicle 24×7.

GPS truck tracker’s Geo-Fence and Points of interest functionality

These days’ business and lives of people are really busy and at all times they can stay physically available with their loved ones, vehicles, and assets. This makes the requirement of GPS Tracking technology much more critical. One important feature with GPS Tracking technology is Geo Fence and Points of interest.

It means the user can create a virtual parameter or define a secured zone and receive alerts as in when the GPS Tracking devices installed or is carried by your loved ones, vehicles or assets enters or exits the defined area or Point of interest.

Geo-fencing will monitor locations and then automatically send us an alert if the trucks cross a virtual boundary.

No matter what is your need? With our GPS truck tracker you will have the tools needed to monitor the location of each truck in your fleet and keep them safe in the field.
With GPS truck trackers and GPS Tracking App users receive real-time updates from their vehicles which helps them stay in the top of their business along with maintaining the security of their vehicles.

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