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In the advancing world of Technology everyone wants to be ahead of others and the technology has enabled everyone to make the most out of everything. One such example of the advancing technology is GPS Tracking System.

With the growing population, and increasing number of crimes against humans, animals and increasing vehicle thefts, GPS Tracking System is need of the hour. With the help of GPS Trackers people can track and monitor their loved ones be it family members or their pets, vehicles or assets. GPS Tracking System is not only important to commercial vehicle owners, but it is equally beneficial to every person. Getting GPS tracking devices and the GPS Tracking System for our self is like getting insurance for our self. Like every time we don’t need the insurance, but we are not sure when we might need it. In the same way we don’t need the GPS Tracking System every time, but we are not sure when it might need it and if we have it we will not be sorry when we will need it.

There can be various examples of GPS Tracking System that make is really important security solution and it not only helps in security but at times helps us navigate to our loved ones, vehicles or assets.

1) Importance of GPS Tracking in daily lives, we can monitor our family members, pets and vehicles. With the help of their exact location we can virtually stay connected with them at all times.

2) Importance to commercial users. It is really important for commercial fleet owners to make the delivery on time and if they know the exact location of the vehicles they can plan their fleets accordingly. 

3) Importance for School Management. Security of school going kids is really important to school management like it is for their parents and GPS Tracking System helps in manage the security of the School buses and school going students.

Some of the common features that help every user in their daily personal and professional lives.

Live Tracking: Live Tracking is the most important and the best feature of the GPS Tracking System. It is providing the real time location and status updates about the user’s loved ones, vehicles and assets.

Notifications: Instant notifications help users to get the updates on the movement, ignition, over speeding, Geo Fence exit and entry alerts.

Customized reports: Users can customize the reports as per their needs and requirements for the report type and can menage the movement of their loved ones, vehicles and assets.

Geo Fence: It is creating a virtual fence or secure zone defined by the owner/ manager, The secured zone can be created for a distance of up to 5 kilometers, helping users receive alerts as in when the device enters or exists the Geo Fence.

Over speeding: Users can tap on the over speeding done by their drivers while they are driving.

Ac on/ Off updates: Vehicle owners can receive Ac on/ off updates whenever the driver turns the ac on/ off.

There are several other benefits of the GPS Tracking system which makes it really important for users and let’s them make the most out of it.

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