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Track Your Car in real time with the advance GPS tracking devices from Track Your Sawari

GPS Tracking Device helping users to control Vehicle thefts.

Vehicle Theft has been an issue ever since, but it has been growing rapidly with the increasing number of vehicles. According to the statistics and the report published in an article in leading newspaper the figures are alarming. “According to the report the vehicle theft is the fastest type of crime in India. Some urban areas see over one hundred vehicles are stolen every day. The figures aren’t much better for those living in rural regions. As per the current ratio of the vehicles stolen majority of the vehicles are motorcycles and scooters. An increasingly large percentage of cars and trucks are being taken. The best solution to the issue is GPS Tracking Device for Car.

Due to the lack of parking space vehicle drivers are forced to park on roads instead of scarce and far off located parking spots, and many criminals are taking advantage of the situation.

Unfortunately, many people are not even aware of the vehicle security systems or they still don’t consider the GPS Tracking Devices important and preventative measures to counter vehicle thefts. Perhaps most notably, only a relatively small number of drivers in most Indian cities have access to anti-theft technologies.”

We at Track Your Sawari have researched on several GPS Devices from the GPS Tracking Devices Manufacturers from all over the world. After the research we have shortlisted several GPS Devices which are best suitable to customers for the GPS tracking needs. We have classified the GPS tracking devices as per their quality, durability as their functionalities. There are GPS Devices from well-known companies likes Teltonika, Concox, iTriangle, Transync, SinoTrack and several others are integrated on our GPS Tracking Platform.

We can help customers for their all Vehicle tracking needs. We can anytime offer the GPS tracking devices as per their needs and we can also support the customers if they already have the GPS Tracking devices available with them from other GPS Tracking service providers.

The famous saying “Prevention is better than cure” is also applicable on securing our vehicles. It’s best to install the GPS tracking device for car in the cars to avoid the thefts than to be sorry later after the thefts.

We receive several inquiries from the users to track their vehicles after they are stolen or lost. Most of these inquiries are from the users who are unaware of the GPS tracking device for car and their need and importance. Such users mostly think the vehicles can be tracked with the help of their vehicle number. But tracking any type of vehicle is not possible without the GPS tracker. We feel really sorry for the people contacting us after their vehicles are stolen. But they don’t have the GPS Tracking devices installed in their vehicles. We really want to help the people in problem and we even ask them their GPS Tracking device details. But they don’t have the GPS tracking devices installed and we are unable to help them even after willing to help them.

For the detailed list and features of GPS Tracking device for Car, GPS Tracking Device for Bike and GPS Tracking Device for Truck you can anytime visit our website . You can also email us at or feel free to call or send whatsapp messages to us at +91-9811031676.

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