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Track Your Sawari is a GPS Tracking Company located at several locations in India and Bangladesh with its head office in Dwarka, New Delhi, we have experience of about 3 years in this Industry. The experience and dedication to serve our customers to the best with their GPS tracking requirements has brought us several new customers through reference of our existing happy customers.

Our GPS Vehicle tracking App is built considering the users with less technical knowledge, who can understand and operate the GPS tracking app. We make use of the best GPS tracker to track the vehicles, people or asset to get the most accurate location and other related information on our app using the m2m sim cards so that there is no lag or delay in the data and customer receives the live tracking information.

The communication medium used is GPS (Global Positioning System) GSM (Global System for Mobile) GIS (Geographic data System) GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and SMS. We have GPS devices to help users with their personal tracking, vehicle tracking, and asset tracking needs and we have AIS 140 device that is made mandatory by the Government of India for the commercial vehicles.

The AIS-140 GPS tracker comes with dual e-sim, panic button/ emergency button. The dual e-sim sends the data to the government server and our GPS tracking app “Track Your Sawari”.

Track Your Sawari vision:

We at Track Your Sawari are really clear with our vision, which is to be able to help users seeking GPS tracking solutions to meet their Tracking requirements, whether it is to secure their vehicles or it to get the accurate data of their movement. Please connect with us and we assure you the best services, Our service quality is the reason why our users switch to us and consider us the best GPS Tracking Company.

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