GPS Tracker for Car

There is a reason why GPS Tracking System is really important these days for every type of vehicle, be it bike, car, bus or truck. At Track Your Sawari we have especially designed GPS Tracker for Car, bike, bus and trucks available with us.

According to a journal published by Knoema there has been a huge rise in the vehicle thefts.
“In 2013, Vehicle theft rate in India was thirteen cases per one hundred thousand vehicles.
Motor vehicle theft rate of India increased from Seven point two vehicles in 2004 to 13 cases per one hundred thousand vehicles in 2013, the vehicle theft has been increasing at an average annual rate of 6.95 percent.” The Vehicle theft numbers have been rising ever since then.

It becomes our duty towards ourselves and society to secure and protect our car from theft, rather than feeling sorry lately for avoiding the security measures. GPS Tracker for Car is really important these days, for the thieves every car is seen as a target. They will steal any car which they feel is easy to take away and if the car doesn’t have a GPS tracker for car installed in it.

It becomes really tough for the owner to know about the theft happened and even if they get to know about it. Tracking the stolen vehicle becomes really tough and nearly impossible.

It is always better that we secure our vehicles rather than asking the police to find whereabouts of our vehicle when they are stolen. There can be various reasons why the thieves steal the cars. The reasons could be to sell them in grey market, to commit any crime using the stolen car, to just flaunt and show off with the car, to break the car into pieces and sell them in black market.

Some important features that help the users to secure their cars are below:

Live Tracking: By using the GPS tracker for Car from Track Your Sawari users get to check the live location of their vehicles at any-time from anywhere. By making the use of this feature they can keep a tap on their vehicle.
Trip playback: User get to access the trip play back option, using this option they can check where the vehicle was present at any particular time and what speed the driver was driving the vehicle.
History: Using the GPS tracker for Car from Track Your Sawari users can check three-month history of their vehicles.
Reports: Users receive customized reports as per their choice and needs on the reports for their vehicle location, speed, ignition, fuel consumption and other related data.
Notifications: Users receive instant notifications for the events taking place for their vehicles through the GPS Tracker for car installed in their vehicles.
Power Cut off: The owners or the admins can even cut off the power supply to the engine which will compel the vehicle to stop from moving unless the vehicle power is turned on again from the GPS Tracking App.

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