Requirement for Bike Tracking
We have a customer Woodscape, they were seeking a reliable GPS Tracking system and GPS tracker for bikes. It was at that time, they connected with us for their needs for Bike tracking.

There are certain factors why a person or an organization would need GPS Tracking System for their vehicles. Whether it is their bike, car, trucks or buses. A robust and a trustworthy solution is needed by the client, a solution that they can trust and rely on. Client might need GPS tracking solution for tracking their vehicles to save them from thefts, to track their employee movement, to manage their travel expenses.

Our GPS Tracking App meets all these needs of our clients and helps them with the best to their needs. The same way our GPS Tracking App and GPS Tracker for bike have helped Woodscape in managing their bike’s security, it has helped them to track their employee movement, our Bike Tracking App has also helped them in managing their employee travel expenses.

Earlier when the client was not using our GPS tracking app and GPS tracker for bike, they had issues managing the travel expenses, the movement of their employees and also the security of the bikes allotted to them. Our client has also tried services from some other GPS Tracking Service provider company, but they had issues with it. At times the bike battery got drained, they had issues in tracking because at several time the devices lost signals and were irresponsive.

Some of our features that has helped the client manage their bikes are below

  • Live Tracking: With the help of GPS tracker for bike our Bike Tracking App offers live location and status updates to the clients.
  • Trip Replay: Users get to access the trip replay for the duration of their choice, using this feature the client can check the movement of their bike in the past time and they can even present it to their drivers if they try to deny the movement updates.
  • Over speed alerts: Users receive overspeed alerts right after the bike rider does over speed, user can set an over speed limit of their choice, post which they will get the notification through our GPS Tracker for bike.
  • Geo Fence alerts: As the name suggest, Geo Fence is a virtual secured zone created by the user for their vehicle, it helps in tracking the movement of vehicles in any particular area.
  • Ignition on/ off alerts: Our GPS tracker for bike helps in sharing the Ignition on/ off alerts right after the event takes place and the user can check the updates on our Bike Tracking App.

Best GPS Tracker for Bike.

We have a wide range of GPS tracker devices available with us and users can also connect with us for their GPS tracking subscription renewals. We charge a mere amount from the customers seeking to choose our Bike Tracking App with their existing GPS Tracking Devices.

The customers connecting with us for their requirements for new GPS Tracker for Bike receive the best in class GPS tracking devices for their bikes. The GPS device depends on the requirement of the customer, whether they need a GPS tracker for bike with simple Tracking and status update information or if they need to cut off the power supply to the engine of their bikes from their Bike Tracking App, we have options available for it as well.

All these features of our GPS tracker for bike have helped our client Woodscape in managing their Bike security, Employee tracking and managing their employee movement expenses.

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