Track Your Sawari has helped Yadav Towing Services manage their Crane Services more efficiently.

Like every type of vehicle cranes are stolen as well and even they need GPS Tracking System to protect. We at Track Your Sawari specialize in Carne Tracking Services.

There is huge cost involved in Cranes to modify them as per owner’s needs and also to purchase them. There are various types of cranes available in market, like

  • Towing Cranes.
  • Cranes used for Construction which can be fixed or moving.
  • Hydra Cranes.

One of our client Yadav Towing Services who is based out in Delhi had issues managing their Towing Crane Services and that was when they connected with our team, we listened to their concerns and offered them the best GPS Tracking System to help them for their Crane Tracking Services.

They had issues in tracking the exact location of their cranes at any point of time and for any updates on their crane’s location they had to connect with their driver’s. It became much issue when their cranes were in transit to their client’s place or were on duty and clients asked for the location of cranes.

We offered them our GPS Vehicle tracking system, by them name Track Your Sawari. Which is available as GPS tracking Android App, GPS Tracking iOS App and GPS Tracking Web App.

The solution has helped them meet all their needs to monitor their cranes and meet their objective of Crane tracking services. Some of the services offered to them by with our GPS Tracking System are

Live Tracking: With our GPS Trackers and advanced GPS Tracking System Yadav Towing Services are able to live track their cranes and they now stay virtually connected with them.

Instant updates: They now receive instant updates and notifications on all events happening with their cranes. Like ignition on/ off, over speeding and other events.

Geo Fence Alerts: Geo Fence entry and exit alerts are sent instantly as the Cranes enter and exits the Geo Fences set by the admin.

Point of Interest alerts: Users receive Points of Interest (POI) alerts right after the crane enters or exits the POI defined by the user.

Night Mode: Admins now receive alerts if the vehicle is running in any defined time during the night.

Power cut off: With our advanced GPS tracking system they can now turn off the crane’s ignition and turn it on at any time of their choice.

3 Months data back up: Users receive three months’ data back at any-time from anywhere.

Trip Replay: With the GPS tracking system from Crane Tracking services user can now check the crane’s location speed and distance travelled by any crane at any time and from anywhere.

These are some of the basic features that we have provided to them and to know more on our GPS Tracking System and it features please visit our website , you can also email us at or feel free to call us at +91-9811031676.

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