Car Tracking System

Car Tracking System

In today’s hi-tech world we see people are obsessed with luxury vehicles be it two wheeler (bikes, scooters) or four wheeler (Cars) and they try to show off by buying advance and new model vehicles considering them as status symbol and often neglect the security of their vehicles even after investing a lot on their vehicles in terms of it cost and other customization. Securing your vehicle can be considered as purchasing insurance for it, through it is not necessary but we buy it thinking of the troubles we might get into if we meet any accident or theft, the same thing applies to when we secure our vehicle with Car tracking system/ Vehicle tracking system.

Track Your Sawari understands the need of the users and the pain they might feel if the vehicle is stolen or if they meet any accident. Usually people consider that GPS tracking only helps if the vehicle is stolen, it does, But there are several other places where it can prove to be helpful for example the person who drove the vehicle is out for some meeting and we do not want to disturb them in such case we directly see where is their vehicle parked or if they are driving, It can also be helpful if the vehicle meets any accident we can show our speed in case law enforcement agencies ask for the vehicle speed at the time of accident. There are n numbers of places where the Car tracking system can be helpful using which both private and commercial customers can save a lot of time and costs and also improve their business by getting regular location updates and the direction in which the vehicle is traveling along with their current ignition status with speed if they are in motion. Car tracking system/ Vehicle tracking system can help commercial customers to manage their pick up and drops for both passenger and non passenger vehicles. Using GPS tracking system owners/ managers can plan the live routes and can even accommodate changes if needed.

Important features of our Car tracking system:

  • Live tracking: Our GPS tracking system offers live/ real-time tracking updates using the GPS tracking devices (JV200, GT06, GT800) installed in the vehicle. The GPS devices send the location updates in every 10 seconds, which is the least minimum time by any GPS device to share the location updates. It helps the Car tracking system to present the vehicle’s live data to the user.
  • Instant alerts: Our Car tracking system provides instant alerts to the users for ignition on/ off status and helps the user to keep track of their vehicles in case someone else is driving their vehicles, apart from ignition on/ off alerts our vehicle tracking system provides other alerts like, motion alerts in case the vehicle starts moving by any means without its ignition turned on or if the vehicle is not sharing location and is offline due to any reason.
  • Geo-Fence/ Secured zones: User can create Geo-Fences/ Secured zones for their vehicles by using our Car tracking system and if the vehicle moves in or out of the Geo- Fence/ secured zone they receive instant alerts on their apps to help them safe guard their vehicles.
  • Engine immobilizer from mobile app: User can immobilize their vehicles using our Car tracking system’s mobile app in case their vehicle is lost or stolen. The vehicle will be powered off if the vehicle’s speed is less than 20 km/ hr and if the vehicle is moving fast, it’s engine will be turned off whenever the speed goes less than 20 km/ hr. Whenever the user wants to resume the power of the vehicle they can power on the vehicle using our Mobile App.
  • Emergency button/ Panic button: Users get to choose for emergency/ panic button when they opt for devices like Gt06, Gt800 for updating their location in cases of emergency if they cannot make calls to their relatives, such emergency alerts can be sent to three numbers at one time.
  • History logs: Users can track their vehicle’s history at anytime from anywhere whenever they want to know their vehicles location data for any particular point of time, but they do not want to browse through the entire report for it.
  • Customized reports: By using our Car tracking system, users get to access complete reports or their vehicles location data, like their vehicle’s speed, address, ignition status, motion status, total distance and several other details for any specific period of time. Users get various options to get the reports and they can download the reports as per their choices.

Benefits with our Car tracking system:

  • For commercial users detailed reports help them in managing their employees by reducing time for pickup and drops since the routes can be managed in real- time as per current situations of traffic and staff or pick up avail-abilities. It also helps in improving driver behavior since users/ managers can also track harsh braking and sudden accelerations done by the drivers.
  • It helps users in prevention of thefts and checks on unauthorized use of vehicles by instant alerts and live location data at all times. Even after all this any theft occurs, Users are able to recover your vehicle quickly if they take the right measures like immobilizing the vehicles and connecting with law enforcement authorities at the right time.
  • By using our Car tracking system users have access to live location data about the accurate information about their fleet vehicles; it helps them in managing efficient resource utilization.

How Car Tracking Works

Car tracking system by Track Your Sawari is really simple to use. Once the user makes the choice on the device type they need for their tracking needs they can move ahead with the payment and installation of the devices on their vehicles, post which they can start tracking their vehicles through our Web and Mobile applications available to help users meet their tracking needs. Our Vehicle tracking system helps the user with the live tracking data which assists them in managing their vehicle in real-time. Using which users/ managers can manage their vehicles and fleets by using accurate location data, mapping and customized reports.

Car tracking system devices:

Track your Sawari offers a wide range of GPS tracking devices to help our users manage their vehicle tracking more efficiently, since the entire tracking depends on two things one is the kind of GPS tracking device used, it means the quality and the information that the device can share with the GPS tracking system and second is the GPS tracking system, the more efficient and the robust the GPS tracking system is the more accurate information it is able to provide to the users. Some of the GPS tracking devices offered by us for vehicle tracking are JV200, GT06, GT800, TYS400, TYS600. There are lot more other devices that our system can support according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

For any kind of queries and concerns in regards to our GPS tracking system or our GPS tracking devices please feel free to visit our website or connect with us at +91- 9811031676/

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A good car tracking system is really required by the vehicle owners, with the regular rise in vehicle thefts it is highly in demand.
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