If you want to make sure your car is tracked accurately and powerfully – but, simply – you will need the best GPS tracker for car. With the right vehicle tracking, you will be able to pinpoint exactly where your car is at any time. That will help give you peace of mind, as it is suitable for both personal and business uses.

TRACK YOUR SAWARI’s vehicle tracking system is highly versatile than most GPS trackers. It not only assists in vehicle tracking, but the GPS tracking system is also great at helping you keep track on your bike, pets, kids, and even a husband or wife. Beyond that, you can use it to help monitor your smaller fleets, to ensure your vehicles are where they should be when they should be there. This can help you avoid thefts and deter bad behaviors by employees.

The powerful car tracking system is suitable for both your personal use and commercial use the users can make use of the bundle of features to secure their vehicles and loved ones by making use of our GPS tracking software.

  • Live Tracking: Users get to access the live tracking updates of their vehicles.
  • Ignition on/ Off Alerts: Using the mobile app the users receive live ignition on/ off alerts.
  • Over Speed Alerts: If your loved ones, your friend, or driver is over speeding the car, users get instant notifications of the over speed event using our Car Tracking System.
  • Geo-fencing alerts: get on-time alerts to when users are entering or leaving pre-defined zones, such as a school, place of work, home, or any other area you designate
  • driving behavior: discover if the user is speeding or participating in other bad driving behaviors, and help correct it by presenting them with the proper information
  • Fuel monitoring: Any user can use the GPS vehicle tracking software to monitor the fuel usage and theft that might be committed by the vehicle’s driver or the operator. They can check fuel reports and they can also track the live consumption, their vehicle’s mileage, and if any high quantity of fuel is consumed at any place or event.
  • Added sensors: with extra sensors, you can enable the TRACK YOUR SAWARI tracking system to extend all its already incredible feature-list, including adding camera sensors, alarms, and more
  • History and reports: this powerful GPS tracking system will allow you to view history and reports, which is great for business use and private use as well
  • Free mobile apps: get the TRACK YOUR SAWARI app for any device, including iOS, Android, and more

Our GPS tracking app and GPS tracking software are very easy to use and operate and our team is always there to support users at any time.  All you need to do is sign up to the system, log in, add your GPS tracking devices, and you can start tracking any item you would like. If you ever run into any problems while using your new car tracking system, simply contact TRACK YOUR SAWARI’s helpful customer support. We are available 24/7, to help you out with your GPS tracking whenever you need it.

All the apps also have free updates for life, meaning you will not have to suffer with old, out-of-date apps that can lag and have other problems. With TRACK YOUR SAWARI vehicle tracking, you can be at peace, knowing that your car – or pet, expensive equipment, child, spouse, or employee – is safe and in the right place at the right time.

You can get started with TRACK YOUR SAWARI’s car tracking system at any time. Feel free to register and get started on tracking your vehicles in no time.

For more details please visit our website www.trackyoursawari.com, you can also mail us at sandeep@trackyoursawari.com or call us at +91-9811031676 for any kind of help or assistance.


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