Learn how Bike Tracking Device can help you to secure your bikes

Two wheeler thefts are on rise and the famous saying applies here that prevention is better than cure. We should have security system for our bikes instead of feeling sorry later after theft. Our company provides best in class Bike tracking device for securing bikes.
There are several emotions and needs related to anyone’s bikes and we feel really sad and depressed while the bike is lost or stolen. The post theft process of police investigation and insurance claim are another pain which take time and by the time the user doesn’t receive the claim it becomes tough for them to buy another bike. At times for most of the people it becomes impossible to buy another bike or any other two wheeler.
It is better that the user secures their bike instead of feeling sorry later for not securing it. Getting GPS tracking device or bike tracking device for your bike is just like getting insurance for your bike. There are several other features of bike tracking device apart from simply tracking bike in case of theft.

This is major misconception that bike tracking device is only required once the bike is stolen and most people tend to avoid it thinking that my bike is always parked inside my home. These users forget that there are situations when they leave their homes and they might have to go to such locations where bike theft rate is higher.

There could be any situation where they have to lend their bike any of their friend or neighbor and they don’t return on time or don’t respond to calls. GPS tracking device for bikes are also useful to track employees.

The bike tracking device can share the location to the bike tracking app in minimum 10 seconds and maximum time to share the location to the server depends on the user. The location and other vehicle related data shared by the GPS device helps the users check the vehicle on map screen available in the app and receive instant alerts from the users.

While a person installs the bike tracking device from us they get to secure their bikes and they can stay virtually connected with their bikes.

They are two ways to get location and other details from the GPS tracking device, one is the GPS tracking device will share the data to the GPS tracking server with the help of the sim card in the GPS tracker and the second way is to send sms commands to the bike tracking device and the device will respond back to the user on the mobile number. The second way can be used if the user is not using internet services or a smart phone.

There are ways to abike tracking device  can help users in the bike tracking

GPS Tracking App: Our customers can easily track their family members, vehicles and assets with the help of our GPS tracking app and GPS tracking web app. We also have options to track the vehicles from feature phones with the help of sms commands.

• Real- time location updates: The GPS tracking can share the location and status updates in every 10 seconds, this helps the user to track their bikes in real time.

Ignition on- off updates: Our GPS tracker app shares the instant alerts on ignition on/ off status to our users.

History: Users can manage their vehicle history of three months and they can check the history from the GPS tracking app and the customers can share it with anyone in the format of their choice.

Location sharing: User can share the location of the vehicles to anyone till any period of time of their choice using our Vehicle Tracking App.

• Over-speed alerts: Users receive instant alerts on all over-speed events occurring at every time.

• Geo- Fence alerts: Customers can set a parameter of up to 5 kilometer to secure their vehicles and on the events of vehicles exiting and entering the defined parameter users receive alerts on their mobile apps.

• Points of interest alerts: Users can define names for any particular addresses and when the device exits or enters the addresses defined by the user, they will receive alerts on their mobile apps.

• Parking mode siren: Users can put their vehicles in parking mode and when the device moves in parking mode an alarm in the sound of siren will be triggered to the user on their app.

• Immobilize vehicles from GPS tracking app: Users can anytime immobilize their vehicles right from their GPS tracking app.

• Navigate to your bike: With the help of our Bike tracking device users can navigate to their bikes at any location and they can track the bike in case of theft or loss.

For more details on our GPS tracking devices for bikes and GPS tracking app please visit our website www.trackyoursawari.com . You can also connect with us through email sandeep@trackyoursawari.com or feel free to call us at +91-9811031676.

GPS tracking device for bikes

Learn how GPS tracking device can help in tracking bikes

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