Vehicle thefts are increasing with every passing day and it is a challenge for both vehicle owners and the law enforcement agencies to track down the thefts and recover the stolen vehicles. Vehicle owners and the companies invest a lot on the vehicle management and their other maintenance cost, but they tend to miss out on the Vehicle tracking system / Vehicle security system. Vehicle security is as important as getting the insurance for the vehicle and taking care of other maintenance associated with the vehicle. Vehicle thefts don’t happen to everyone, but they can happen to anyone. Thieves not only target the luxury vehicles and four wheeler or trucks but they have their eyes on a two-wheeler and other economical vehicles, the reason for the theft can be anything. Whether it is to resell the stolen vehicles or to commit any crime using it, it becomes easier for the thieves to commit any crime with the stolen vehicle. Since it doesn’t belong to them, they use it anyhow by changing its looks or by damaging it, so that it’s hard to trace the vehicle and tough for the police to track the criminals if the vehicle is used for any crime.

Vehicle Tracking SystemPrevent unwanted usage: Unwanted or unauthorized vehicle usage is one the biggest challenge for both commercial vehicle owners and private vehicle owners. Since it is really tough to track and manage for everyone and every vehicle runs on fuel and requires maintenance on regular intervals apart from other wear and tears which might happen due to rough or over usage.

Challenges to commercial vehicle owners: To commercial vehicle owners main challenge is that they mostly rely on their drivers for driving their vehicles and working on their type of business because any business that requires vehicles or logistics support cannot run without drivers and one cannot be following their vehicles and drivers all the time. It becomes really important for the commercial vehicle owners and managers to have vehicles tracking system implemented or installed in their vehicles.

Their goods and staff security is also at stake when the drivers are carrying the goods or staff of their vehicle owners or if they are carrying any other passengers. In all such events, the safety of the good or staff and even the driver is really important because everything that is in the vehicle and the vehicle is an asset to the company and their security is highly important to them. There are several vehicle tracking systems available to help out vehicle owners/ managers to track their vehicles along with the goods, staff and the drivers in the vehicles.

Challenges to private vehicle owners: We live in a social world and it tough for anyone to say to any friend or neighbour if they ask for the vehicle and there are situations that we want to say but we cannot do it, we stay in worry until our vehicle returns back home. Track Your Sawari has private vehicle owners covered under such circumstances and we have got several options for them to manage their vehicles secure and the people who are in the vehicles. It doesn’t matter whether the vehicle is driven by the family members or by any neighbour or friend who is inside the vehicle we have solutions available to secure and guard them.

We have designed a very easy and efficient way for the vehicle owners/ managers to track and manage their vehicles and their health and maintenance and other things associated with their vehicles.

Below are the various features offered by Track Your Sawari in our Vehicle tracking system:

  • Easy to use and operate: Our development and design team has worked hard and tried to develop a system that is easy to understand and operate by any person who has very little technical knowledge. Since there are people who were working as drivers and are now supervisors or they are running their independent transport and logistics business and they need a very easy to use and robust system using which they can track all their vehicles and meet all their requirements. There are situations where people haven’t operated smartphones and they need a GPS tracking app which is really simple to use and understand.
  • Provide complete details about the vehicles in short span of time: Our GPS tracking devices are installed as per the customer’s needs and they are capable to share the information to our GPS tracking system in every 10 seconds.
  • Fast and robust system: All the GPS tracking devices run on specific protocols and they share their data in packet forms and these data packets are later decoded by the server used by the GPS tracking system to present the location data and other relevant information to be presented by the system which is shared by the GPS tracking device fitted in the vehicle.
  • Supported by cloud server and other latest technology: Our Vehicle tracking system is supported by AWS (Amazon Web Services) server and is efficient to scale up according to the number of devices and the data associated with them.
  • Supports 1600 different type of GPS devices and 170 type of GPS tracking protocols: Our GPS vehicle tracking system supports 1600 different type of GPS devices and 170 different GPS tracking protocols and these different devices cover both simple tracking devices and the devices that are capable of supporting various types of sensors.

Track Your Sawari is trying to support both commercial and private vehicles owners with their vehicle tracking needs. We have got several devices in our kitty to support the customers. We have designed a special plan and solutions for different types of customers.

Like if the customer needs a solution for the truck tracking system, we have it with us and if they need solutions for school bus tracking system we have them if some customer needs solutions to track their taxis carrying their staff we have that as well. In all types of solution customers can define their needs, like if they need simple vehicle tracking information or if they need other data along with vehicle information data, other information can include several types of data provided by different types of sensors like tyre pressure sensors, fuel sensors, temperature sensors or camera, RFID and fingerprint sensors installed in the vehicles.  All these sensors share the data with devices which further transmit the data with the vehicle tracking system through the cloud server associated with the Track Your Sawari mobile and web apps.

Various benefits to the commercial vehicle owners/ Managers:

  • Increase in Fleet efficiency
  • Increase in Fleet productivity
  • Efficiency on cost savings
  • Greater customer service
  • Checks on Driver Behavior
  • Regular vehicle tracking and instant alerts and updates on vehicle status.
  • Users can stay connected with their vehicles 24×7

With our highly efficient Web and Mobile Apps, our Vehicle tracking system users can check their vehicle status and information at any point of time.

Below features that make us different from other existing GPS tracking service providers

  • Live Vehicle tracking: Track Your Sawari offers live tracking updates to our users and our GPS tracking devices are capable to transmit the device data in every 10 seconds.
  • Customized tracking solutions: We have customized tracking devices and Vehicle tracking system available for our users as per their needs.
  • Highly secured GPS Tracking system: Our tracking system is highly secured and only users associated with their accounts have access to their accounts.
  • Several Map types available: We have Map licenses available from Google maps, Bing Maps, and Open street map. It is entirely the user’s consent to choose the map view and the map type that they want to use.
  • Instant alerts and notifications: Users receive instant alerts and notifications from the devices installed in the vehicles and using the notifications users can track and manage their vehicle’s security.
  • Customized reports: Users have access to the reports of their choice, it is completely choice of the users to choose from the various report types offered by our vehicle tracking system.

For any kind of detail and information on our Vehicle Tracking System please feel to connect with us at any time through our email: , Phone: +91-9811031676 or website:

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Md Shahabuddin · January 5, 2019 at 9:54 am

Many modern vehicle tracking devices combine both active and passive tracking abilities: when a cellular network is available and a tracking device is connected it transmits data to a server; when a network is not available the device stores data in internal memory and will transmit stored data to the server later when the network becomes available again.

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