Best GPS Tracking device for Cars

With the increase in vehicles be it cars, bike or trucks there is a rapid increase in their thefts as well and it creates the need for Vehicle tracking devices. After lot of research and testing we at Track Your Sawari have brought some really good devices as per user’s needs user can also call them best GPS tracking device for cars, bike, or trucks.

Since GPS tracking devices form the base of the GPS tracking system, therefore right choice of the best GPS tracking device for car is really important for the best security of the vehicle, because after a huge investment on the car, it accessories and the vehicle security system no one would want to risk the safety of the car because of few hundred rupees.

Vehicle Tracking devices are not very expensive as the other vehicle tracking companies are selling them. Though every device its own price as per their features and functionalities and the price varies as per the features of the GPS tracking devices.

The basic features that the GPS devices support are:

  • Live Tracking: It’s the foremost and the most important feature of the GPS tracking system supported by the GPS devices which helps the users to stay virtually connected with the Vehicles.
  • Over speed updates: Over speed alerts by the vehicles are shared with the help of the GPS tracking devices. The speed is calculated by the GPS tracking system as per the location shared by the GPS devices.
  • Ignition on/ off updates: GPS devices help in sharing the Ignition on/ off updates right after the event.
  • Remote Power cut off: In the events of car theft user can cut off the fuel/ power supply to the vehicle and save the care from theft, the fuel/ power supply can be resumed whenever it is needed.
  • Geo Fence entry/ exit alerts: User can define the Geo Fences/ secured zones as per their requirements and they will receive the alerts as in when the device installed in the vehicles enter or exits the defined Geo Fences.
  • Points of interest: This is another kind of Geo Fence defined by the user to secure their vehicles. As the name suggests these are the areas of user’s interests.
  • Instant notifications: Our Best GPS tracking device for cars help the GPS tracking system in sharing the instant notifications to the user.
  • Customized reports: Users can customize the reports of the vehicle movement as per their requirements.

Other important features for high end GPS tracking devices for cars:

  • Fuel Monitoring: GPS devices are attached with Fuel Sensors helps the users in updating the fuel percentage in the vehicle, which assists the users to manage the fuel thefts in the vehicles.
  • Ac on/ off updates: Users receive the Ac on/ off updates with the help of the GPS devices that can sense the Ac on/ off.
  • Door open/ close updates: Users can also get the door open/ close updates with the help of our best GPS tracking device for cars.
  • Image updates: We have GPS tracking devices to help users to get the events happening in the vehicles with the help of the GPS devices that can share images in the car.
  • Vehicle health updates: We at Track Your Sawari have GPS tracking devices that can help users to get the health report of the vehicles.

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manoj kumar · March 14, 2019 at 8:06 am

Good product & service in reasonable price . Thanks track my swari

Sushma · March 14, 2019 at 5:20 pm

Really helpful article to help users to chose on right gps devices

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