With the increasing population and shrinking residential areas with even fewer spaces for parking vehicle safety is one of the biggest issues for any person who invests their hard earned money in purchasing vehicles. Whether a person buys the vehicle for the personal use of for making a commercial use from the vehicle, Vehicle security is must and is one of the biggest challenges to them, But Sunlom Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has designed Track Your Sawari which is the best GPS tracking App for both private and commercial vehicle owners.

Best GPS Tracking AppThe idea behind designing the best GPS tracking app Track Your Sawari is to provide complete peace of mind to the vehicle owners since not only luxury vehicles but economical vehicles and even two-wheeler are on the list of the vehicle thieves and they don’t leave any vehicle that can be stolen from anywhere. Vehicle owners cannot even think of the locations from where the vehicles can be stolen. With our best GPS tracking App, users can now not only live to track their vehicles, but they can also track their assets and loved ones in real time. Our GPS tracking Web and Mobile Applications are designed by keeping in mind the people who are new to technology Since Tech Savvy people can easily use any App, but the people who are new to technology cannot use advanced Apps.

Below are some of the features that set us apart from others GPS tracking App service providers.

  • Own best GPS tracking App with supported by AWS (Amazon Web services cloud) server: Unlike other service providers who have taken white label solutions from other GPS tracking companies, we have designed our own GPS tracking App, which is supported by AWS cloud services to help us in providing a better service to our users.
  • Live Tracking/ Real-Time Tracking: The most basic requirement for any person seeking a Vehicle security system or personal security system is whether the Mobile App provides live tracking/ real-time tracking or not. Our application does it, we have devices that update locations in every 10 seconds and Supported by Vodafone and Airtel sim cards users can get live updates on their loved ones, vehicles, and assets. It is like staying virtually connected with them all time from anywhere.
  • Ignition On/Off Alerts: Our system supports instant alerts on ignition on/ off, it is 99% assurance that the user will get the notification right at the time vehicle’s ignition is turned on/ off and even when the person has chosen the wireless GPS devices (AT 4), the devices gives motion on/ off alerts to the vehicle owners/ managers.
  • Power on/ off your vehicle from our best GPS tracking Mobile App: We have the option that allows the vehicle owners/ managers to Power on/ off their vehicles whenever they feel the vehicle is in danger and might be stolen. The commands are sent instantly, but the vehicle power will be turned off when the vehicle’s speed is equal to or less than 20 Km/ hr, It is done in order to prevent it from any kind of accidents because the vehicle might be running on the highway or anywhere at higher speed and an accident might be caused if power is turned off at higher speed. In case the GPS device has lost signal it will be turned off right after the sim card in the GPS device comes online.
  • Emergency/ Panic Button: GPS tracking devices like GT06N, AIS 140 for Vehicles and others are equipped with a panic button and even personal tracking devices like PetLoc and Qbit are equipped with Panic buttons and an emergency/ panic alert is sent to the registered mobile numbers. Three mobile numbers can be linked to any GPS tracking device for receiving notifications through our best GPS tracking app.
  • Over-Speeding Notification: Our Web and Mobile App allows the user to set a speed limit for the vehicle through the GPS tracking device installed in the vehicle, This feature in our App sends an instant notification once the vehicle crosses the set speed limit for the Vehicle through GPS tracking device.
  • Navigate to my GPS device: Our Best GPS tracking App helps the users to navigate to the vehicle in case of emergency or if they have forgotten where they have parked their vehicle. There could be cases like the vehicle has broken down or had some other issue and we have to reach the vehicle, Our Track Your Sawari Mobile App allows users to navigate to the vehicle location, or if the person or pet has lost their way and they are not able to come home, We can navigate to them at such times.
  • Vehicle Towing notification: It is not always necessary that the vehicle moves only when the ignition is turned on, The vehicle can be towed off or moved without its ignition turned on, in such cases, the vehicle owners/ managers receive instant notification on vehicle motion.
  • Geo-Fence Alert: Vehicle owners/ managers or even any private user who wants to make use of Track Your Sawai’s GPS tracking devices to track their loved ones can set Geo- Fences/ secured zones and receive notification whenever the vehicle or their loved moves in or out of the Geo-Fence/ Secured Zone. Geo-Fences are nothing are virtual fences set up by any person who wants to track anyone by using the Mobile phone or GPS devices on Maps.
  • Point Of Interest: It is another kind of Geo- Fence created by the users in their GPs tracking App accounts to manage notifications specific to points of their interests like home, office or school.
  • AC On/Off Alerts: There are cases when the driver keeps the AC turned on all time due to which the battery is dead in the morning or after the long time when the user wants to use the vehicle, they tend to deny that they were using the AC, to help out such vehicle users/ managers we have GPS tracking device GT800, which gives notification once the AC is turned on/ off.
  • Customized reports: User has access to the reports of their choice at any time and from anywhere. Since they are admin of their accounts, they can download the reports at any time in several supported formats from our GPS tracking Web and Mobile App.
  • Trip PlayBack: Our Best GPS tracking mobile app helps the users to take a video replay of the trips taken by the vehicles, person or pet which was using the GPS device from us. It is really helpful for anyone who is not able to take a look at all times.
  • Instant alerts: User receives instant alerts on any vehicle updates, Apart from ignition on/ off, motion on/ off and over speeding updates. There are events when the driver or any other person tries to tamper the GPS device installed in the vehicle or if the GPS tracking device battery is about to die.
  • 24×7 dedicated support: We have a customer support team to help customers for any help or information in regards to the GPS tracking devices or best GPS tracking App.


We have GPS tracking monthly subscription starting as low as Indian Rupees 150/- month and with basic GPS tracking devices starting at 2100/- device with separate charges for installation. Prices of the monthly subscription and the GPS tracking devices change as per the functionalities of the GPS tracking devices.

Note: GST and shipping charges are extra.

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The GPS tracking App is really needed in current time, with the increasing vehicle thefts such an App is must for every private or commercial vehicle owner.
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