Full Featured GPS Tracking Platform

At Track Your Sawari our aim is to provide our customers the best in class GPS Tracking devices which can last for a longer life, these GPS Devices are selected after research and testing before selling them to our customers. These quality GPS tracking device help in sharing the accurate information to the GPS tracking platform. 

We do not sell any GPS Tracker that we are not satisfied with, our Goal is to provide a seamless and hassle free GPS Tracking experience to our users so that they don’t feel sorry to choose our services. This is reason most of our business comes from referral from existing customers who not only chose our services while they want to increase the number the GPS Devices. But along with choosing for themselves the customers also refer our services to other friends and known people to them.

We believe in the saying that a happy customer will tell about our services to ten other people while the irate customer will tell to hundred plus people and we don’t want to irritate our customers. Our team is ready to support the customer at anytime and anywhere.

We attend to customers even during odd hours in night, understanding the fact that the customer is calling at odd hours because there must be some issue at their end and when in such situations we help them. The customers feel relieved and understand that they have opted the right company for their GPS Tracking needs.

Some of the outstanding features from 24×7 support are below:

3G and 4G network supporting GPS Tracking Device: We prefer to install the 3G and 4G supporting GPS Tracking devices and our GPS Tracking platform supports all types of GPS trackers ranging from 2G, 3G and 4G GPS Tracking devices.

Unlimited and Instant Alerts: We allow unlimited and instant alerts on all the events that the GPS Tracking devices report to our GPS Tracking platform to showcase it to the customers to help them in locating and maintaining their loved ones, vehicle and asset security.

Geo Fence and Points of Alerts: Users can set up Geo Fence and Points of Interests which helps them in securing their family and loved ones, vehicles and assets. Whenever the GPS Tracking device leaves or enters the Geo Fence or the defined Points of Interests users receive the notification on the GPS Tracking App and GPS tracking platform.

Live Tracking: Users get to access live tracking information through the regular updates from the GPS tracking devices, the GPS devices share the location and other status updates as per customer requirement. We offer the customers to opt for the time interval they require for the location and status updates. The least possible time is 10 seconds and maximum time can be set for any duration.

Long batteries: The GPS tracker support longer lasting batteries, to support users with the location and status updates in case the wire is somehow removed or if the vehicle stays in ignition off status and also if the client opts for wireless we offer higher battery capacity GPS devices to our customers.

For more details on our GPS Tracking Devices, GPS Tracking Platform or GPS Tracking App please visit our website www.trackyoursawari.com or call us at +91-9811031676 

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