To any Truck owner or fleet manager it is important that their fleet vehicles are safe and secured and if they are on running on road to or from any location than they must reach their destination on time.

Fleet vehicles are the backbone of any logistics business and it is very important to the truck owners or fleet managers make use of quality GPS Tracking Devices to manage their security and where abouts of their Fleet vehicles.

Some of the features of our GPS Tracking device are:

Real-time Tracking: All the GPS devices are capable of sharing location in minimum 10 seconds, maximum time depends on the user, how much time variation they need for the GPS tracker to share the location in. The GPS tracking app features the vehicles movement to the users based on the GPS tracker data. The last location update data time and date is shown to the user on the live tracking screen.

Ignition Status: The devices share the ignition status right after the ignition on/ off event takes place. It helps the vehicle owner/ fleet manager to manage the security and movement of their vehicles and they can limit unwanted usage of the vehicles.

Over-Speeding Report: While the vehicles are on the run and in case, they are over speeding the users receive the over speeding alerts on their mobile apps. The speed limit can be defined by the users and they can either turn off the vehicle using the mobile app or sms command or they can call the driver to drive under speed limit.

Power cut off: The vehicles can be immobilized from the GPS Tracking mobile app or using the sms commands to control the GPS Tracking Devices. The vehicle’s power will be turned off only when the vehicle’s speed is lower than 20 kilometres to avoid any kind of accident or mis happening. Users must make sure they don’t turn off the vehicle in area with lower network connectivity to avoid issues in resuming the vehicle power back.

Idling Report: If the vehicle is idling (The vehicle ignition is on but the vehicle is not moving) than the users receive alerts on their GPS tracking app, it helps the users in saving fuel and also saves unwanted usage of the vehicle. The idling time can be set by the user.

1 Year Device Warranty: The GPS tracker for trucks are covered under one year warranty from the date of installation/ purchase. We cover any kind of issues related to GPS device, sim card or app without charging any cost to the customer. But if there is any fault from the vehicle side or if there any tampering from the driver, user of any other third party we charge a minimum service charge to repair the issue.

SOS Button: We install the SOS/ panic/ emergency buttons in the vehicles at the time of installation of GPS tracker for trucks in the vehicles. It helps both the drivers and the truck owners, the truck drivers can press the button in case of emergencies and the GPS devices trigger an panic alert to using the GPS tracking app to user. Users can either immobilize the vehicle, connect with the driver or they can call the police as the per their needs.

Fuel Monitoring: Fuel theft is a major issue with the truck owners/ fleet managers, and we are here to support them in their needs. Our GPS tracker for trucks can connect with fuel sensors and they help the users in controlling the fuel thefts.

Temperature Monitoring: For the vehicles used by organization or users working in cold storage business, maintaining a desired temperature is a major issue and our GPS tracking devices are helpful to such users. We offer wired and Bluetooth temperature sensors which share the temperature data to the users, using which they get to know the temperature and they can act on any rising temperature situations.

History Data (62 Days): We offer history of 62 days and the users can always save the data whenever they need and we offer the reports in multiple formats, making it easier for the users to save the data in their required formats.

Geo-Fencing: Users can set Geo Fences for their vehicles, the maximum radius for any Geo- Fence is 5 kilometres. There is no limit on the number of Geo- Fences that be set for any vehicle by any user. Users receive alerts on their mobile app for all entry and exits of their vehicles.

Points of Interest: Users can also set names for their points of interest and they receive instant alerts for the vehicles when they reach the point of interest.

Locating nearby vehicles: Users can also locate nearby vehicles to any of their vehicles in case any emergency or support is required by any of their vehicle.

Please visit our website for more details on our GPS tracking app or GPS tracker for trucks. You can also email us at or feel free to call us or send us a text or whatsapp message at +91-9811031676.

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