Several advantages with Track Your Sawari’s Bike Tracking Device.
Every bike used by any user, be it for their private or commercial use is highly important to them and so is their security. Every bike has its own users to the users and there are certain dreams associated with them. With the increasing thefts, it has become important for every bike owner to secure their bikes. Vehicle thieves don’t care about anyone’s feeling and their expenses associated with the vehicles. They just steal any vehicle which is easy to be stolen and if they are left unattended, they are easy targets for theft. It is the owner own duty to secure their bike. There are various benefits of GPS Tracking Device for Bikes.
Please invest a hefty amount on purchasing a bike of their choice for their needs, which can be for regular commuting purposes, their touring, rental or delivery businesses. The usage and cost can vary for people, but their importance is not reduced with their costs. These days some premium bike companies are supporting their customers with some sort of security system for bikes which might include any type of alarms, but there are experienced thieves which have techniques to deactivate these alarms. There are several places, and which include busy markets and societies where the thefts take place due to ignorance of bike owners. They later regret not getting a quality GPS Tracker for their bike. It is important that they understand the benefits of GPS tracking devices for bikes.

Some of the benefits of GPS tracking in bikes are as follows:

  • Real-time Tracking: The GPS tracker we utilize offer live location at all times and the location shared by them on the GPS tracking server is highly accurate.
  • The ignition on/ off alerts: The devices share instant alerts for the ignition on/ off events to the users. It helps them to check on bike thefts and unwanted usage of their bikes.
  • Over-speed alerts: All the GPS devices share over-speed alerts to the GPS tracking mobile and web apps using which the over speeding can be controlled.
  • Geo-Fence alerts: Whenever the bike enters and exits the Geo Fences the GPS tracking app shares alert to
  • the user on their mobile app. The maximum radius of any Geo-Fence can be of a maximum of 5 kilometers and there are no restrictions on the number of Geo- Fences.
  • Parking alarm siren alert: User can put their bike in parking mode and when the bike moves in the parking mode, users receive a siren alert on their GPS Tracking App. The siren alert comes even if the phone is in
  • silent mode or vibration mode. The only condition is that the user’s mobile app should be active or running in the backend.
  • Small and compatible device: The GPS device that we install are small in size and can be hidden easily.
  • Harmless for the battery: The GPS trackers don’t put much pressure on bike battery and the bike batterie lasts for a longer time.
  • GPS device installation without any wire cut or splicing: We have trained, and highly experienced GPS
  • technicians and we never cut or splice any wire, there are couplers that ease the installation process and it doesn’t affect the bike warranty.

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