Introduction: Automotive Industry Standard (AIS 140):

Automotive Industry Standard 140 (AIS 140) is a set of Vehicle tracking standards mandate published by ARAI (Automotive) for vehicle security systems like vehicle tracking system, camera surveillance system, and emergency & panic button. This mandate falls in line with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways notification dated 28th Nov 2016.

AIS-140 GPS Tracking Device

The government of India is working towards safety and security of its citizens and while doing it, they felt a need of Vehicle security system, using which it can track all passenger vehicles which are traveling anywhere in India at any point of time. Since India, a big country with a large number of service providers for vehicle security system to any type of passenger vehicle is it bus, taxi, auto or any other type of passenger vehicle. After lot of brainstorming and roadblocks Government of India was able to find a suitable solution of AIS 140 device, it is a device which works on dual sim cards and shares its location data to two servers, one is Government managed and the other one can be managed by any service provider of vehicle owner/ managers choice. This is done keeping in the mind the security of a large number of people commuting daily by passenger vehicles and increasing crime rates, even though technology is evolving and we have 4g spectrum band working in most of the cities and we are testing 5G spectrum band, but the real situation is that there are still some places in India which lack 2G connectivity as well, In event of emergency at such places if any person presses the emergency button and the alert is not shared with the Government officials or the vehicle owner/manager, then there is no use of the vehicle security device.  That is why AIS 140 GPS devices supporting dual sim cards are needed, at least one sim will have network at any point of time and Government of India is working on to move these devices to support sim cards which will change their network providers if they lose the signals and if an emergency situation occurs and the button is pressed, it will directly reach the Government officials and also the vehicle owner/ manager.

Who needs to have AIS 140 GPS tracking device?

Inner city public transport vehicles:

Inner city transport vehicles are the vehicles that operate locally within the cities and have fixed and dynamic routes and their operations are usually for short distances, therefore, depending on the number of passengers sitting and the size of the vehicle, the emergency buttons are installed with the AIS 140 device and connected to the control center.

Intercity public transport Vehicles: Intercity public transport vehicles are the ones that generally travel for long distances between any numbers of cities. Therefore the control center needs to keep the track of the vehicles through the AIS 140 device installed in the vehicle for tracking their live and static locations and they also use the cameras installed in the vehicles to check on the driver/ conductor and passenger behaviors.

Emergency management:

There could be several situations which can be treated as emergency situations like for example, a cab is hired by some criminals and they take the cabin some wired location at such times the driver can press the emergency button and seek for the help from the Government officials and their vehicle owner/ managers. There could be situations like the driver or conductor is misbehaving with the passenger and the passenger can press the emergency button upon which the government officials and the vehicle owner/ manager can come for the rescue or if there is any case of emergency like some vehicle is stuck in traffic jam and they need to be rescued as soon as possible the traffic police can be alerted on the emergency situation and the traffic can be managed from the traffic control room, thus helping out the vehicle and the passenger in case of emergency situation. In such events of emergency, the AIS 140 device and the use of emergency button can prove to be a lifesaver.

Commercial vehicles:

Commercial vehicles are also needed to be equipped with the AIS 140 devices and the vehicle owners/ managers will be benefited by the real-time location updates of the vehicle and the goods that the vehicle is carrying and at the same, they will be able to monitor the driver behavior. In case of emergencies, the help can reach the vehicle as soon as possible and work on saving precious lives and time for all the people in the vehicles.

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AIS 140 Device is a security mandate from Indian Government, to help commercial passengers and vehicle owners/ managers.
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