Track Your Sawari was founded with a motto of customer satisfaction at anytime and anywhere and to assist our customers Track Your Sawari is always there to help customers in their needs, whether it is a private customer who needs help with tracking their bike, car or any loved one in their family or if it is a commercial customer who needs help with tracking their passenger or non passenger vehicles. To give an example we have helped one of our client Tyson Retail Services Pvt. Ltd. with the GPS tracking needs with the advance Vehicle tracking system.

Vehicle tracking systemTyson Retail Services Pvt. Ltd. is a Logistics start up based with their head office at Delhi and several branch offices across Pan India. Tyson team is headed by an experienced professional Mr. Rajesh Sharma, who has more than 28 years of experience into logistic and Supply chain operations. Tyson Retail Tyson offers specific expedited deliveries which are more cost effective than purchasing/ hiring dedicated full truck loads or LTL trucking to meet fleet/ logistics requirements. With their unique concept they are working to redefine trucking industry in India.

When our team first met Mr. Rajesh we discussed on various issues faced by their team with tracking their fleet vehicles and our team presented them our advanced Truck Tracking system with which Mr. Rajesh was really convinced and they have been using our GPS tracking web and Mobile Apps since July 2018.

Several ways how we have helped Tyson Retail:

Increase in productivity and lesser calls to drivers

It is really important for any Logistics company to know whereabouts of their vehicles and drivers, since they are carrying valuable goods and their safety along with the cargo safety is really important for the organization; the same case applies to Tyosn Retail. Our Truck tracking system has helped Tyson in accurate tracking of their vehicles and it has reduced the number of calls their supervisors made to the drivers, while they are out for pick- ups or deliveries. Such calls impacted the driver’s concentration while driving and at times they lied on their speed and locations and it impacted the organizations business and they relations with their clients.

There have been cases where any urgent pick up was needed and just by checking the location of the vehicle near to the client site, the supervisor was able to arrange the vehicle for the pickup. These factors have really improved their productivity.

Improved customer service with better GPS Vehicle tracking system

Prior to using our Vehicle tracking system, they were majorly dependent on their drivers for their vehicles location during transit, but with the efficient GPS tracking system, now they are able to track their vehicles whereabouts on the go from anywhere at any time. Since their supervisors cannot be present with all the vehicles at every time and they needed a Vehicle tracking system which can help them with the issue, there were situations when they needed the vehicles location for several reasons but the only source they had for all information were drivers and also there was no solution to manage the over speeding of the vehicles. Our quality GPS tracking devices and the advanced Vehicle tracking system has helped them to share the exact location and the ETA (estimated time of arrival) of the vehicles with the customers. This has really helped them with serving their customers in much better way.

Security of vehicle drivers and other support staff

The location details not only help the company in securing their vehicles and the good they are carrying, but the security of the drivers and other support staff is really important as well. There are places where cases of thefts are more even after regular Police Patrolling, at such places maintaining the vehicle security along with the security of goods and drivers is really important. A close view and instant notifications for all events like engine on/ off, motion on/ off, over speeding and Geo- Fence entry and exit are really important. We have provided the vehicles with emergency button and the drivers can anytime press the Panic button if they feel unsafe, Once the button is pressed an emergency alert is sent to the registered numbers, post which their safety are tested.

Fast Vehicle recovery in case of missing vehicles

Fortunately there has been any case of vehicle theft yet, but if any such situation arises. Our GPS tracking system/ GPS Vehicle tracking system is capable enough to help Tyson and the law enforcement agencies with the stolen or missing vehicle.

Instant notification:

There are cases when the vehicle has to be given to any vendor on hire basis or just to help them, but rough use can lead to unwanted situations like accidents and to manage such situations our Vehicle tracking system has really helped them by giving instant notifications along with regular location updates. Fleet managers/ supervisors are notified right after the events by instant alerts and the drivers are called right away to check on the situation.

Customized reports: Customized report choices have helped Tyson really well. They share the report to their clients and they also use it for their own records as well. It is not really necessary to download the reports, since they are available all the time for their view. User can view or download any report at anytime from anywhere.

For any details in regards to our GPS tracking devices or our Vehicle tracking system. Please visit our website Always feel free to mail us at or call us at +91-9811031676.

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