Benefits of GPS Tracking System from Track Your Sawari

Track Your Sawari is a leader in providing Vehicle Tracking System to all types of customers seeking GPS Tracking solutions, it can be for their private or commercial vehicles.

We are here to provide GPS Tracking services like car Tracking system, bike tracking system, truck tracking system, and bus tracking system. With our advanced GPS tracking App, GPS tracking devices and experienced staff to support our customers we have been working to help our users to meet their Tracking needs.

Our objective is to provide GPS tracking services at economical rates which provide location details at higher accuracy in real time and is easier to understand to users with even basic technical knowledge.

We offer advanced GPS Tracking Solutions/ Vehicle tracking system with the following benefits:

• GPS Tracking App: When any customer is seeking a GPS Tracking App. Their first requirement is that the GPS Tracking Mobile App is easier to understand and provides accurate information and other related details about speed, date- time, ignition status. To any customer seeking GPS tracking service. It doesn’t matter what hardware we use and what technology we are using. If they are not able to get the right information through the GPS tracking App, either they will switch or keep complaining to us to make it much easier for them to understand and resolve their issues. We make sure that there are no issues for the customers while they use our Vehicle Tracking System.

Advance Vehicle Tracking System by Track Your Sawari• GPS Tracking Device: We offer the best in class GPS Tracking Device to our users, it is a lesser known fact to users that GPS Tracking Device is the core of the GPS Tracking System/ Vehicle Tracking System. It is the GPS tracker that sends the location by making use of the GPRS data from the sim card in the GPS Tracking device. If the GPS hardware device is of lower quality the data transmission cannot be regular or they can even go out of network for long durations. In such event, if some mishappening happens than the Vehicle Tracking System is of no use.

Customers try to negotiate on the Vehicle Tracking System, due to which GPS tracking companies try to use lower quality GPS tracking devices to earn some profits and it hampers both the GPS Tracking company and the customer. While we at Track Your Sawari, unlike other GPS Tracking companies, don’t engage in such activities and we try to explain the benefits of quality GPS tracker to them and maximize the profits from Vehicle Tracking System.

• Experienced and customer service devoted support staff: Our team is highly trained and experienced and we are dedicated to customer service, We tend to serve the customers the very same day they report the issue to us, whether it is a GPS hardware or GPS tracking app issue our priority to help the users with their concerns.

Various benefits from our Vehicle Tracking System:

• Live Tracking: Tracking Vehicle location in real time has been really easy by users since we have introduced our Vehicle Tracking System. Monitor and track location of your vehicle, fleet, friends, family, employees, assets, livestock, etc in real time. We offer location information through Google map, Satellite map, hybrid map, terrain map, and Bing maps to help users track their Vehicles, family, pets, and assets in real time. We offer location updates in every 10 seconds and other related information on speed, behavior, address, fuel consumptions, travel history can be saved and used for analysis with GPS tracking system.

• Push Notifications: With our, GPS Tracking App stays in control of your vehicles, loved ones and assets by GPS Tracking system. Users receive instant alerts soon after your targeted object enters/ exits the predefined geo-fence, stopover or does overspeeding. If the object is missing or stolen, users can track the objects through our GPS tracking app and also receive alerts on details about events happening with the objects.

• History and Reports: GPS Tracking System is really helpful for fleet management companies because they regularly need information on total distance and hours, driver behavior, fuel consumption, crossovers, etc. You can save all the reports in multiple formats like XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT, through our GPS tracking web app.

• Fuel Savings: Remotely monitor driver-behavior by performing analysis on overspeeding, sudden acceleration, harsh braking, rash driving, idling which directly impacts the performance of your vehicles and deteriorates mileage. With a GPS based real-time vehicle tracking system, this can be avoided and you can make significant fuel savings and vehicle wear and tear costs.

• Geo-fence: User can set up areas and secured zones they want to monitor with our GPS tracking app. With the help of Geo fence feature. Users can monitor and receive instant alerts and notifications on your GPS Tracking Web GPS Tracking Mobile application once vehicle/ object enters or exits. Geo fence resolution is right for fleet management, supply chain management, and logistics operations.

• Points of Interest Tools: By using Points of interest feature. User can create the marker around choice of their places like hospitals, fuel stations, restaurants, hotels, garages and service centers, landmarks on the map with full details concerning the entity. We conjointly integrate distance calculators to derive the space between 2 locations.

For more details on our Vehicle Tracking System please visit our website, or email us at you can also call us at +91-9811031676

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