AT4 10000 mAh GPS Tracker

AT4 is the one of the best Asset Tracking device in India.

AT4 10000 mAh Asset GPS Tracker

AT4 10000 mAh Asset GPS Tracker is one of the most advanced GPS tracking device today with rugged construction, long battery life make the AT4 the new state of the art in GPS vehicle tracking. Using GPS, LBS positioning, AT4 gives detailed reports and tells the user exactly where a vehicle/ trailer has been, in which direction it is moving and at what speed is it travelling. The GPS device has a 10000 mAh battery and is IPX5 waterproof to maximize performance; it puts the user in total control of individual vehicles or fleets. Strong magnet at the bottom of the AT4 10000 mAh Vehicle GPS Tracker facilitates the installation at anywhere while built-in MIC realizes voice monitoring. 



GPS+LBS positioning

Tamper alert

Strong magnet

IPX5 water proof


Tracked by: SMS, APP, Web

Intelligent power management

10000mAh battery


GSM Specification


Class II RBER2%(-102dBm)

Class 12, TCP/IP

Class II RBER2%(-102dBm)


RMSPE < 5, PPE< 20

GSM850/GSM900:33±3dBm GSM1800/GSM1900:30±3Bm

GPS Specification

High sensitivity GPS chip

GPS L1, 1575.42MHz

< 10 meters

Avg. hot start≤1sec Avg. cold start≤32sec

Function & Package

1 for base falling detection
1 for inner disassembly detection
1 for power control

Red: working status; Green(4); battery

-20℃~ 70℃

 Built-in quad band GSM antenna, GPS dual-mode antenna

5 VDC / 2A

30 days(drive for 2 hours per day)

10000mAh/3.7V industrial grade lithium polymer battery

108.0 x61.0x 30.0mm

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