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About Asset Tracking Device

Asset Tracking Asset Tracking is an important security feature for logistics companies these days. The increase in asset thefts has increased the importance. We at Track Your Sawari specialize in end to end Asset Tracking with the help of our Asset Tracking GPS Devices and Asset Tracking System. With our advanced Asset Tracking System users can get informed about the real-time location, Position and situation of their assets. These Asset trackers have long battery life and can be hidden anywhere in the containers. We have multiple options of Asset Tracker Devices available with us. • Magnet GPS Tracker: Users can either opt for GPS Tracker with strong Magnet for better grip and large batteries for longer transits. • GPS Door e-Locks: Users get to access location and status updates with the help of GPS Door e-locks also known as GPS e-locks. With the help of these GPS e-locks users can open the doors with the help of codes and receive notification on all door opening and closing events. • Solar GPS Trackers: These GPS tracking devices have decent battery capacity to run for entire night and they get charged the next day with the solar cells installed on them. This help non-stop location updates and they can be installed on the roof top of the containers, on the top of trucks or any other logistics vehicles. With the live location updates users can stay updated about where is their asset and when will it reach its destination, all this information is available on the go with Track Your Sawari Mobile application. Users can stay virtually connected with their assets and secure them with our GPS devices and GPS Mobile Application equipped with features like live camera, temperature sensor, and fuel monitoring and geo-fencing. If you want to secure your assets choose nothing but the best for your Asset Tracking needs.
Assets Tracking Device
Asset Tracking Device

Some details on the Device

AT4 is a wireless GPS Asset Tracking device, which shares regular updates at pre-defined time intervals to update user on the exact location of their asset. It’s a wireless GPS device which has strong magnet at its bottom, this device doesn’t need any wire cut in your vehicle. It is powerful device with 10,000 mAh battery, which can last for a longer duration. This Asset tracking device is highly preferred by customers for tracking their assets and vehicles. Many of our Logistics vehicle customers and Taxi rental customers have chosen this device to track their vehicles in case of theft.

How it works?

Any user can easily install this GPS device on the asset or vehicle at any place of their choice, it will immediately start sharing the location of your asset or vehicle regularly at the time intervals that user defines while configuring this GPS Asset Tracking device, The GPS device shares its heart beats to the our server at an regular intervals. Users can easily monitor their assets on App or a web browser on mobile phone or Laptop/PC from anywhere in the world. Common Tracked vehicles and Assets: Leased vehicle for transport, Leased equipment, Wagons/ Bus, Containers etc.
Asset Tracking Device
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Device Installation

The GPS device installation is really easy and any person can easily install the Asset Tracker at the choice of their place in their container or vehicles. Any wire cut or splicing is not required to install these GPS tracker and the user simply has to place the Solar GPS tracker on the roof top of the containers or vehicles, they can simply attach it to any metal part or the user can merely attach the metal with 3M tapes inside the box to any surface and than stick the GPS tracker with the metal for strong grip. The device has strong magnets at the bottom which helps the user to easily install the device with a strong hold with the vehicle or container where the device is installed. The GPS e-locks can simply be used to lock and monitor the containers at shunting for opening and closing door events, there is no need to connect any wires.


Asset Tracker can be configured remotely by the Vehicle/ Asset owner or Admin; the user can send a text message from their phone numbers. Once the GPS tracker accepts the commands from the mobile number they will revert back on the commands to share their acceptance and post the acceptance they will start sharing the location and other status updates to the GPS Tracking Mobile Application and GPS Tracking Web Application. These GPS devices can be configured as per the user’s requirement of location and status updates. The GPS tracker can share the location data in every ten seconds, which will help users feel like they moving with the container or vehicle, but shorter is the location update duration the lesser time it will take to deplete the GPS device battery. So it is advised to the customers to manage the location update duration in such a way that the device can keep sharing the location and status information in the complete transit period.


Post installation and configuration the Asset Tracking device monitoring is really simple, any user can track the location and other related details through their Mobile or Web Applications. There is no limit on the number of users using the GPS tracking app, The user can share the user account details to any number of people to monitor the movement of their asset or logistic vehicle right from their Mobile app and Web app.


You benefit from our experience in delivering effective solutions to the complex global supply chains of some of the world’s biggest corporations.


You benefit from our experience in delivering effective solutions to the complex global supply chains of some of the world’s biggest corporations.

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You benefit from our experience in delivering effective solutions to the complex global supply chains of some of the world’s biggest corporations.

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