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JV200 Vehicle GPS Tracker with Real Time Online Tracking

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JV200 GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracker in India-JV200. This basic model is suitable for the management of fleets, Public transportation, School buses, Taxi operations and car rentals etc. It is recommended to install a GPS Vehicle Tracker in your vehicle due to an increase in vehicle thefts and competition to provide better and on time service. In addition to real-time tracking and geo-fencing, it has core functions to meet user demands. It also has the functionality to stop the car remotely, ACC (accessories) status detection, harsh acceleration/ braking alarm, Driver behaviour analysis, Custom digital input gives you an edge. Besides, JV200 uses own GPRS Protocol which is simple and practical.

Allow the location to be pinpointed accurately & rapidly.
Water resistant to ensure stable operation in tough environment.
Support speeding/ Towing/ Geo-fence/ Fuel.
Cut-off alarms, Direction change report etc.
Wide operating voltage applicable to all types of vehicles.

Dimension 100mm*60mm*25mm
Weight 55g
Input voltage DC 11v to 45v/1.5A
Standby battery 650 mAh/3.7 V
Power consumption 65 mAh Standby current
Operating temperature -20c to 70c
Humidity 5% to 95%(Non-Condensing)
Working hour 200 hours in power-saving mode and
22hours in normal mode
LED indicator 3 indicators showing GSM,GPS & BATTERYstatus
Button/switch 1 SOS button(for sending SMS or dialing)
Sensor 3D acceleration sensor(for vibration,wake-up,and towing alarms)
Sim & Server Costraint Yes
GPS frequencyband 5m
GPS sensitivity GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Positioning accuracy -161 dB
Memory 8 MB byte
I/O port 2 inputs(1 negative input and 1 positive input)
1 output